March 26, 2017

Goodbye, Sweet Annie-Dog

You came into our lives when you were most needed, bringing us joy and laughter. I hope you know just how much we loved you and how deeply you are missed. Rest in peace, my sweet Annie-Dog.

Open your heart. Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart.~ Kate DiCamillo

March 11, 2017

Bloggy Break

I didn't mean to disappear for two weeks, but life has gotten rather hectic. As many of you know, we are planning to move to Oregon once my husband retires in May and after we sell our house. We had originally planned to put it on the market at the end of April, but we decided to go ahead and meet with our agent and see what she advises. She feels the market in our community continues to be strong for sellers, so the paperwork to list has been drawn up and things are moving ahead rather quickly. I may continue to be rather quiet around here for a little bit, but not to worry. I will be back. I'm also contemplating a name change to the blog since I will no longer be living on the prairie. Any suggestions? We're planning to live on the coast of Oregon, so I'm open to all suggestions for a new name!

I'll see you all soon! Fingers crossed that we sell quickly. I am quite happy to spend my days packing rather than tidying up after my husband and dog...

Note to self: Breathe. This too shall pass

Well, I wrote a draft of this post on Thursday and now it's Saturday. Things are happening rather quickly around here. The house sold on the first day!