February 19, 2006

Forever Odd

Forever Odd by Dean Koontz

Finished on 2/3/06
Rating: B- (5/10 Fair)

Rats! I’d been looking forward to this sequel to Odd Thomas ever since I first heard there was one in the works. What a disappointment! It was no where near as good as Odd Thomas. Compared to the first book, all the wonderful relationships between Odd and his friends were trivial in this sequel. I missed the interaction between Odd, Stormy, Chief Porter and Teri (Elvis was still hanging around, though) but I also missed the suspense and romance that I so enjoyed in the first book. I read almost 150 pages (just about 50% of the book) before I began to have any interest in the plot and even then, it simply lacked the enchantment of Odd Thomas. This said,
I haven't let my disappointment affect my opinion of Koontz’s ability to entertain. As a matter of fact, I'm currently reading Velocity, another one of his cat and mouse thrillers.

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