February 26, 2006

Shadow Prey

Shadow Prey by John Sandford

Finished on 2/?/06
Rating: A- (8/10 Very Good)

This is the second installment in John Sandford’s Prey series, which I’ve recently discovered. As with the first (Rules of Prey), the story revolves around detective Lucas Davenport’s attempt to capture the individuals involved in a string of grisly murders. It’s no mystery to the reader who is responsible for the murders, as the chapters alternate between unraveling the details and motive and Davenport’s struggle to pinpoint and trap the killers. We learn more about Davenport’s personal life (of course, there's a new love-interest) as well as bits and pieces of the supporting cast’s.

After the tragic loss of Rachel to the hands of a murderer, I often wonder how I can possibly find a murder mystery so entertaining. Sandford’s books are not “cozies.” They're full of fairly graphic detail of the workings of the twisted minds of killers. But it’s not so much these details that entertain, but rather the character development, smooth pacing, and somewhat predictable structure of each novel. I know that in the end the good guys will win and that, for the most part, Davenport will pick himself back up, climb back into his Porsche, and drive off into the sunset (either with or without the girl).

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