March 19, 2006

Silent Prey

Silent Prey by John Sandford
Finished on 3/13/06
Rating: A- (8/10 Very good)

Lucas Davenport’s past returns to haunt him, drawing him to New York City to assist in the investigation of a series murders. I enjoyed this fourth book in Sandford’s “Prey” series much more than the previous, Eyes of Prey. I don’t think it was nearly as gruesome or overdone, and the dual plot-lines kept my interest (read: confusion!) as I tried to keep up with Davenport and the intricacies of the unfolding mystery. In addition to the familiar supporting cast, Lucas is once again torn between his past and present, as he becomes involved in the case and once again, another love-interest. Not surprisingly, Sandford delivers a clever twist in the closing chapters, forcing me to flip back through the pages, unsuccessfully searching for clues I might have missed. While most of these mysteries are easily forgotten in a day or two, the details of this particular book have stayed with me a bit longer. I’m anxious to move on to Winter Prey, which seems apropos on this final day of winter.

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