April 30, 2006

Oh My Stars

Oh My Stars by Lorna Landvik
Contemporary Fiction
Finished on 4/29/06
Rating: A+ (Superb!)

It seems like it's been a long time since I've given a novel a perfect A+ rating, but Lorna Landvik's Oh My Stars is certainly well-deserving of the honor. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book and can't think of a single negative thing to say about it.

Oh My Stars is a charming story (set in the Great Depression) of a young girl named Violet who is befriended by two young musicians in North Dakota, who wind up saving her life and ultimately show her that hopes and dreams really can come true. Landvik's endearing characters come to life as they search for love and happiness, and even with a foreboding sense of tragedy, this character-driven novel is heartwarming and unpredictable. I rarely ever listen to audio books, but I have a feeling this might be one to try, especially if the music of the Pearltones can somehow be included.

I was fortunate to meet Ms. Landvik at a small book conference in Cleveland in 1998. Not only is she a talented writer, but she's extremely funny and the sort of person I'd love for a neighbor. I've read all her novels, with the exception of Tall Pine Polka, (which I own, but haven't felt inspired to read). I rarely read books by the same author so close together, but Oh My Stars was a great book and I can't stop thinking about it, already missing the characters as I would after a visit from an old family friend. Alright, I've just convinced myself to put Tall Pine Polka at the top of my TBR (To Be Read) stack. Stay tuned!

NOTE: As I wrote this review, I came to the realization that I always hesitate to disclose too much about a book. While I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions, I don't ever wish to give anything away or even simply spoil the pleasure of discovering an evocative scene or passage. There are all sorts of editorial reviews and book jacket blurbs at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com, if you want more information about a particular book. I'm just here to share my feelings about what I've read.


  1. Your review makes me want to read this one my Lorna Landvik! I especially agree with your last paragraph as well. I only want to give the bare minimum in a book review because there is so much that should be discovered as you read it.

  2. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I'm going to see if my library carries it on audio. I'm ready for a re-read!


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