July 26, 2006

All My Bags Are Packed

...well, with one exception. I have no idea what books to take along with me on my upcoming trip. Hmmm, five days of vacation involving two flights each way. Now, I know I won't be able to finish more than one, maybe two, books the entire time we're gone since this isn't a "sit-by-the-pool-and-veg" kind of trip (although that brings back fond memories of our trip to Puerto Vallarta in '87 when we both read Stephen King's Tommyknockers and Gary Jenning's Aztec, to name just a couple.).

So why is it so difficult to pick a couple of books and be done with it? I should simply go with the two I'm fairly certain to enjoy, having read the authors' previous works. But there's always a chance they won't be as enjoyable as the others I've read. I also feel the need for something light; something that won't demand a great deal of concentration, since I'm apt to read it in fits and spurts.

And, if by chance I finish what I take, I can always pick something up at the local Borders or Barnes and Noble (although, with my towering TBR stacks here at home, I'm really trying not to do that!).

This is always so much more difficult than trying to figure out which shoes to pack!


  1. Hmm...well, based on what I've heard about In Cold Blood, it is unputdownable, so I would go with that one and perhaps the Elizabeth Adler for something lighter. Although, I have heard the Ishiguro is good, I have it, somewhere. And The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop looks interesting as well.

    See, I'm no help, I would probably wind up taking all of them!

  2. Thanks for the input, Heather. I'll let you know what I decided after I return. Oh, I saw The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop mentioned in another blog I just happened upon (Ex Libris) and she said she'd read about it in two blogs. So maybe that's a sign. It's small enough and won't take up too much space in my carry-on, so in it goes!

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Choices, choices...all your selections look good! In addition to The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, I would probably take In Cold Blood. Have a fun trip! Sharon

  4. Thanks for the recommendations, Sharon (and for visiting my blog). I'm enjoying yours; slowly working my way through your archives. I'm a little anal when it comes to books. ;)

  5. Oh, just take them all!

  6. LOL! I may just do that, although I already added two more to the pile:

    Loud & Clear by Anna Quindlen (essays)

    From the Corner of His Eye (Dean Koontz) - a friend who shares my love for Odd Thomas gave it high praise

    Ten books, three pairs of shoes. Perfect.

  7. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Ah, the mark of a true biblophile!

    I'd take 'em all - you just never know what kind of reading mood you'll be in!

    Better to have too many books than not enough, I say.

    I agree with Heather on 'In Cold Blood' though - I took that with me on vacation and could hardly put it down.

  8. Thanks, Lesley. My bags are all ready to go and I'm heading out the door for a quick run/walk before we leave for the airport, but I know I'll continue to add and remove several books up until the moment we load the bags in the car. This is really quite silly, though, to be perfectly honest. We're going to visit our granddaughter, who turns 4 on Sunday, and I rather doubt we'll have a lot of solitary time for reading, except perhaps late at night (when we'll be too exhausted to read more than a few pages). But there's always that chance we could miss a flight or get delayed, winding up with lots of free time to read. Some would be annoyed, but I'd find it a stroke of luck, especially with a bag of books from which to choose. Pure bliss.

  9. Well I haven't read any of them so I'd be no help to you anyway. Let us know what you ended up taking and actually reading!
    Hope you have, or are having, a wonderful visit!

  10. I hate trying to pick books. Wait, I love it, but the narrowing down is close to painful. Oy! Good luck and have fun!

  11. loved finding your blog tonight.. great great great books!!

    take care and happy day :)

  12. Shelby - What a surprise to see a comment from a post that was written almost exactly a year ago! Glad to hear you've enjoyed my blog. I'll have to pop over and peruse yours. Take care.


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