July 9, 2006

Easy Prey

Easy Prey by John Sandford
Finished on 6/22/06
Rating: B+ (7/10 Good)

Poor Lucas. When it rains, it pours. Not only has Weather (the beautiful, intelligent doctor whom Lucas was engaged to up until she called it all off after getting caught in the crossfire of one of Lucas’ gunfights) begun to show an interest in rekindling their relationship, but an old flame from college (whom he never really quite got over) has been in touch with Lucas, also expressing an interest in rekindling their relationship (as her own marriage falls apart). If that isn’t enough to confuse the poor guy (who is a few years older, wiser and less of a womanizer than in previous books), a gorgeous, young (albeit bisexual) model is demonstrating quite a bit of interest in a casual (yet physical) relationship with Davenport.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, our favorite detective is busy trying to solve not one, not two, but a string of related murders which all started one night at a wild party thrown by a wealthy socialite with a guest list composed mainly of actors, artists and models. There are over a hundred possible suspects, including one of Lucas’ undercover agents who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Suffice it to say, Lucas has his hands full.

Easy Prey isn’t any more complicated than other mysteries in Sandford’s “Prey” series, yet something was definitely missing and the book never grabbed my attention. Several of the supporting characters failed to come to life and the plot lacked the necessary tension to keep the pages turning. Maybe I’ve come to enjoy being privy to the identity of the murderer and the absence of that knowledge left me on the sidelines, watching Lucas attempt to unravel the connection among the various murders, feeling just as clueless as he. In spite of the novel’s shortcomings and anticlimactic finale, I still enjoyed the subplot between Lucas and Weather (hence the decent rating) and look forward to the next book in the series (Chosen Prey).

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