September 3, 2006

Invitation to Provence

Invitation to Provence by Elizabeth Adler
Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Quit on 8/29/06
Rating: DNF

Pretty cover.



Kind of like eating Cool Whip straight from the container. The first few bites taste great, but after a while one starts longing for something with a bit more substance... say, strawberry shortcake.


  1. Great description of so many "light" books. Every once in awhile I pick one up, thinking it'll be nice not to have to think so hard, then wishing I had been given something to think about! You'd think with a title involving France it would be better...

  2. I haven't read the book, but the analogy says it all. :) Hope your next one is better.

  3. Loved your brief review and the analogy,Les! I won't be buying the book.

  4. Bellezza - The funny thing is I read Adler's Summer in Tuscany (see my review in the April archives) and thought it was quite good (for fluff). I think it was more entertaining than this one because it gave a better sense of place, making me dream of a trip to Tuscany, whereas this really didn't give a strong sense of Provence or its people.

    Joy & Lotus - thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed the review and analogy. :)

  5. Darn, I'm pretty sure I have that one on my TBRs. I'll have to remember to save it for when I want a total no-brainer and look for Summer in Tuscany. :)

  6. Hey, ya never know. It might be something you wind up enjoying, Nancy. But if you want my advice, skip this one and read Summer in Tuscany instead. Just my two cents.


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