November 21, 2006

Land Girls

Land Girls by Angela Huth
Finished 11/17/06
Rating: B+ (7/10 Good)

“The year is 1941 and John and Faith Lawrence’s farmhands have been called away to serve their country. Desperate for help, the Lawrences take advantage of England’s new Land Army plan, which brings young women out of the house and into the fields. But the three ‘land girls’ that John and Faith receive may be more trouble than they bargained for.”

“Three young women from different backgrounds find themselves thrown together, sharing an attic bedroom and developing friendships that will last a lifetime. Land Girls is the poignant, intelligent, and often heartbreaking account of their first summer together.”

I enjoyed this somewhat simplistic novel, but wish it had dealt a little bit more with the war. If anything, the war merely provided a backdrop for this gentle drama, which came dangerously close to becoming a romance several times, what with all the romantic entanglements in which the young women found themselves involved.

Huth’s novel is peopled with endearing and memorable characters, but the actual plot left me hungry for something more. Greater depth? Richer detail? A more complicated dilemma? I think I expected to learn more about the Second World War and its effects on the rural communities in England; what I came away was more of a gentle beach read, if you will. Not exactly “fluff” but definitely not “literary” quality.


  1. Is this a young adult novel or just adult?

  2. As far as I know, it's plain old adult fiction.

  3. I liked this book a bit more than you did. I think I would have given it an 8.75. But alas, Huth's other books have been disappointing.


  4. That's too bad, Mary. I had hoped to read more by Huth, but I think I'll pass unless I hear rave reviews from another blogger. Thanks for the heads-up.


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