December 7, 2006

Dear Santa


Only seventeen more shopping days until Christmas! I got a pretty good start on mine right before Thanksgiving and only have a couple of items left to buy on my list. I thought about listing the books I bought for friends and family, but many of them read this blog and that would spoil their suprise. Not that I bought anyone books. Did I say that? Nope. No books. Not from me!

And since this blog is all about me :) I decided to peruse my Amazon wishlist (doesn't everybody have one of these?!) and share 13 of my most desired books. You know. Just in case Santa needs a little help figuring out what to buy someone who has everything (well, almost everything. I don't have one of these or these).

But this is my book list. For today. Ask me tomorrow and it may be completely different. What can I say? I'm fickle. Oh, and a big thank you to all my blogmates who have helped raise my wishlist to a whopping 127 items! Here we go:

Of course, I don't really need any of these books. I have hundreds to keep me occupied for a long, long time. But it doesn't hurt to stockpile a few extras, just in case we get a Snow Day.


  1. I'll send you my History of Love, my friend. Don't buy it, I'll put it in the mail as soon as I'm mobile again.

    I can't thank you enough for your kindness; it uplifted me more than you can ever imagine.

    Also, one of my Book Club's is reading The Handmaid and The Carpenter. I'm looking forward to discussing it, although I'm not sure they're looking forward to discussing it with ME because I have such a Biblical view. It should be interesting.

  2. You know Lesley, you should really look into www.bookmooch.com. You list the books you are ready to get rid of and another list for the books you want. So far I have cleaned of my bookshelf of eight books and received three in the mail!

  3. You will LOVE Twilight. Or I did anyway. In fact, I bought New Moon immediately after finishing Twilight yesterday, and I read 450 pages yesterday alone. Awesome books!

  4. Anonymous7:38 PM

    I was into wishlist until amazon came up with astore. Now I have a link on my blog called 'Nessie's Dreamland' which is pages and pages of what I would love to have added in my library

    Comes highly recommended

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I bought The Birth House when I was in Canada largely because of all the positive reviews from book bloggers!

  6. What a wonderful looking list! I will vouch for The History of Love and Booked to Die - both were terrific reads. Here's hoping Santa grants you your wish(es) :)

  7. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I like your first "these", and in fact, we are looking to buy a new dig cam too. We'll check this one out. But the second "these" you might want to think again about. I have a friend who almost died when a big truck went by as she was riding and whooshed her into the ditch. Broken pelvis, shoulder trouble, etc.

  8. Ooh, I want a vespa too :) I do have a Rebel and love it. Hope Santa finds that for you.

    And, great book list. I really want The Birth House as everyone has raved so much about it.

  9. Bellezza - Are you sure? Thank you so much! No rush, honestly. I think I have enough to keep me busy for a little bit. ;)

    You are more than welcome! It was my pleasure and great joy to give you a little care-package for your recovery. I'm so pleased it brightened your day.

    Ah, and you may not want this Agnostic's opinion if we wind up discussing The Handmaid and The Carpenter. As you say, could be interesting. ;)

    Stephanie - I've been thinking about bookmooch and may give it a whirl. I did something someone like that with traveling book boxes (take some and add some and mail them on to the next person on the list) for an online book group, but this sounds better. You get exactly what you want and trade what you no longer need.

    Andi - What a reading marathon! Between you and Heather, I'm convinced these books are for me! Now to get them and find the time to read them (although, I'm pretty sure I'd move Twilight to the top of the stack).

    Nessie - I'm about to launch my Amazon store. Just need to get some free time to add the books. I think I'll have several pages. Wishlist items, Top Ten lists, and various "Favorites" lists. Should be fun. I think I need a secretary, though.

    Nat - I'd never heard of it until it started showing up on several blogs. It sure sounds good.

    Sharon - Thanks for the positive feedback. My hubby's read all of the Dunning books and I'm excited to dive into a literary series.

    Nan - I appreciate you concern (as does my mom, I'm sure). ;) I love the idea of a Vespa, but I'm really quite happy with my cute little Mini Cooper. I should tell you that I've NEVER ridden on the back of Rod's motorcyle. Never. Too scared! (Or too much of a control freak.)

    Iliana - We have a pretty nice Fuji FinePix, but I love the idea of being able to use my old Canon AE1 and Rebel lenses on a digital Canon. We'll see. I doubt it's in Santa's budget since we have a couple of birthdays and a college graduation to allocate funds to this month! Maybe a good purchase with a tax refund, though...

  10. les, I tagged you for Six Weird Things on my blog. I hope you don't mind. :)

  11. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Les, what a great idea and I love your list - hope Santa brings you all those books and more! I have a copy of "The Birth House",please let me send it to you when I'm done. Hopefully I'll be done with it by late Jan or early Feb, let me know!

  12. Thanks for the heads-up, Bellezza. I didn't do a lot of blog-reading this past weekend. I'll check out the meme you've tagged me for, but no promises. I don't mind being tagged as long as folks don't mind if I decline. ;)

    Lotus - You are too kind! I would love the chance to read Birth House, but please, don't rush through it. And if you decide you want to keep it once you're finished, I'll understand and won't hold you to your offer.

  13. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Les - how did it go with your list? Which books did Santa bring and which are you still hoping to receive? Valentine's Day is just around the corner...

  14. Anonymous (who are you??) - Well, I didn't get any of these from Santa. However, I got Elizabeth Berg's book for my birthday. And, a friend just sent me the Alison Mcghee book. I bought a copy of Fingersmith at Half Price books while I was in TX last month and just ordered a copy of Twilight from Amazon (using my gift certificate that I did get for Christmas). I also received a copy of The Love Season from a pr rep right after I posted this blog entry. And, two blog-buddies have offered to send me Birth House and The History of Love. So, what is that? 7 out of 13? Not too bad!


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