December 23, 2006

It's Fruitcake Weather!

Well, maybe not fruitcake weather. (Does anybody even eat fruitcake?) Every Christmas (for at least the past 20 years) I make a couple of batches of Shortbread cookies. The recipe is very easy and I can get anywhere between 12-13 dozen cookies from a single batch (ideal for those Christmas Cookie tins/plates I like to give to neighbors and friends).

I originally discovered these delicious little bit-size cookies in 1972. My mom had made several dozen for a holiday open house and my brother and I just happened to find them in the basement freezer. I'm not sure how many we ate on the sly, but they
are quite addictive, especially when chilled. Hmmm, I hope I did a good job hiding my stash this year!


  1. Those look scrumptious! My mom used to make something similar so it brings back memories.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, Les! :)

  2. I like Christmas fruit cake. Don't eat it the rest of the year but love it at Christmas! Strange huh?

  3. My mother-in-law made the most WONDERFUL white fruitcake. God, I miss it and wish I'd asked for the recipe before it was too late.

    Merry Christmas, Les!

  4. Ooooooo, what lovely-looking cookies, Les and I'm sure they taste delicious, too ( I will make a batch between Christmas and the New Year) I'm almost embarrassed to say that apart from a batch of fudge and Coconut ice, I haven't made any Christmas sweets :( My mom sent us some traditional Indian Christmas sweets, so I got lazy! :)

    Speaking of fruit cake, I love it! My friend, beenzzz, posted a recipe for Guyanese Black Cake recently and it looks soooo good and very,very potent! :)

    Wishing you and Rod and all your family a truly wonderful Christmas, Les. May you know joy, peace and much happiness this wonderful season.

  5. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Fruitcake is actually quite popular in Newfoundland, especially as it's tradition to have at least one layer of your wedding cake to be that type (mine was cherry - yum!) But I'm not a big fan of regular fruitcake.

    And I second tanabata's comments. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Nat - These are so easy and absolutely delicious. I had far too many yesterday. It seems like all I've eaten for the past 24 hours is cookies and Rugelach with a little bit of turkey and mashed potatoes. It's probably no wonder I'm craving a nice green salad today.

    Marg - You know, I've never actually tried fruitcake. Might just have to make one next year and give it a taste. :)

    Jenclair - I'm sorry you don't have your mother-in-law's recipe. Maybe that will be my mission for next Christmas -- to find the best, most-edible fruitcake and make one for each and every friend. ;)

    Lotus - Aren't they pretty cookies? And, oh, so easy! I didn't bake nearly as much as I usually do for the holidays. We were gone for one weekend in December and that really makes a difference to how much I was able to accomplish. Thanks for the info about your friend's cake. I'll have to take a peek at the recipe. And thank you for the warm wishes for a joyful Christmas.

    Lesley - I didn't know about the tradition of wedding cakes and fruitcake. I would've have picked cherry, too.

  7. Pretty!

    I used to have to sell fruitcake for an annual fundraiser -- for high school band -- and everyone said the same thing, "I hate that stuff, but I always buy it to support the school." It really surprised me to find out some people do actually eat fruitcake and enjoy it, but I'm sure fresh is a lot better than mass-produced.

    Sorry I haven't visited in a while! The guys are dominating my time and it's getting even more difficult to blog hop. Raspberries to Blogger. ;) Happy New Year a little early!!

  8. Nancy - Yah, I think the only way I'd be willing to try fruit cake is to sample one that's homemade and not mass-produced! Good to see you posting again. Hope things settle down around your house once the holidays are all over. I'm getting anxious to dive into my first "chunkster."


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