February 7, 2007

February Funk

In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter,
Long ago.

- Christina Rossetti

We had more snow today. Not a lot, but enough to cover the walks and driveways. Have I mentioned how tired I am of winter? I don't usually mind Nebraska winters, but it seems like we've had an unusual amount of snow since New Year's Eve. And it's been cold. Damned cold. I'll be curious to see what our monthly total of precipitation was in January, as compared to previous years. Maybe I need to take a vacation to the tropics. I feel the need for warm sunshine on my face (and arms and legs). Sigh. 41 days 'til spring.


  1. You can come visit me! ;P
    Tokyo's been having April, spring-like weather!

  2. Hi Les! I commented on your SUITE FRANCAISE review and it's not there. That cyber-monster must have eaten it. Grrr Virtually all I said was that I truly appreciate your honesty. I am annoyed with readers that say every book is a 5.

    Regarding the snow...I love it! It has been extremely cold though and that makes it harder to enjoy.

    I have the book IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER (Spencer-Fleming) on my TBR Challenge list. Hmmm wonder if there's any connection. :)

  3. You should have been here yesterday. It was a glorious sunny and warm day. Sorry to mention that :) Actually, we've had some miserable weather this winter and we aren't used to that in Dallas.

    By the way, how's your desk looking? Still nice and neat?

  4. Get ready, more snow tonight, Saturday and LOTS more on Monday, I'm hearing. Nebraska's fun.

  5. My husband was just talking about this today; that there is more work simply because of the cold. Our son's car needs a new battery, which the father will install tomorrow. My car wouldn't start this morning. It's tough doing barn chores in this cold. Whereas, I am mostly inside, reading books and reading blogs and baking, so I mustn't complain. :<)

  6. Les, I just dedicated a poem to you on my blog. It's not really about summer, but it mentions the word a few times. Hope it helps you to think warm thoughts.


  7. Nat - Ah, that would be so lovely!

    Joy - Thanks for commenting again. I've lost a few comments here and there myself. Frustrating.

    I'm glad you appreciate my brutal honesty with my book reviews. I feel bad that I don't always give higher ratings to the books I read, but not every book is worthy, unfortunately.

    I don't mind a little snow every now and then, but this winter seems especially cold and snowy. Before you know, I'll be whining about the heat! ;)

    Iliana - I saw that! I usually check to see what the weather is doing in the Metroplex (my daughter lives down there).

    You know, my desk doesn't look too bad right now. Maybe I'm (subconsciously) keeping it more tidy than usual.

    Kookiejar - We only got a dusting last night, thank goodness. Lots on Monday, eh? Sigh. At least we don't live in upstate New York!

    Nan - Oh, dear! Your car wouldn't start? Just too cold? I can't imagine doing barn chores in the cold. It's all I can do to run outside to get the mail (on our front porch - not like I have far to go!) or take the trash out (usually don't do that either thanks to my hubby). I suppose the worst is unloading groceries from the shopping cart at the store while the wind is blowing. Brrrr! This weekend looks pretty cold, so I plan to do quite a bit of baking to keep the house cozy and warm.

    Sheri - Aren't you sweet. I'm off to see the poem on your blog.

  8. When I went back to school on Monday the gauge said -7. Phew! It's been single digits all week here in Illinois, coming to a scorching 16 degrees today around 4:00 p.m. I like the cold, I like the snow, probably because the two weeks I spent in Florida were just too muggy for me. I haven't really experienced Winter until this week. It's a great week to read Russian literature!

  9. It's been cold here in Toronto, Ontario too. Hope you've warmed up!!

  10. Bellezza - It hasn't been quite as cold this weekend. We had a high of 25 today with a few flurries. It's supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, but more snow in the forecast for tomorrow and Monday. Sigh. You can have it! Enough is enough as far as I'm concerned. I'm ready to get back outside, throw some steaks on the grill and enjoy an Adirondack Margarita (or two) with my hubby.

    Heather - It has warmed up a bit. Not sure how long it will last, though. You stay warm, too!

  11. Les, so are the kids in my class!

  12. I love that poem. Sarah MacLachlin sings it on her Christmas album "Wintersong". It's so pretty, I wish it was Christmas again. Well, maybe not! I'd rather Spring myself.

  13. Bellezza - The sun is shining today and it's lovely out, but it sure seems strange to think that 7 degrees feels warm! It helps that it's fairly dry out right now. Just like summer in Arizona. It's a dry heat. ;)

    Chris - I didn't realize it was a song. I meant to get that cd for Christmas but forgot all about it. Definitely a must for next December!


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