February 11, 2007

My Desk (Part II)

Remember this nice neat desk from Monday's post?

Well... this...

is how it usually looks during the week! I try to tidy it up on the weekend so I can write without any distractions. If I have too much junk on my desk, I can't concentrate. So, time to clean up. I have a couple of non-book-related things I want to blog about (in addition to an over-due book review).

But first I need to sample a piece of Lemon Chocolate Cake that I just took out of the oven (recipe courtesy of Cornflower)!


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    At the beginning of the week I saw Twilight on your desk - guess you have finished it since it is no longer there (unless hidden under one of the piles :)
    How did you like it?

  2. Lemon Chocolate Cake, YUM! I just made some lemon ginger cookies for a friend of mine, whose birthday was Friday. I gave her every single one, and now I'm sad...none left for me. :( I'll have to make some of your cake! p.s. I can't concentrate when my work space is messy either. I always tell my kids, "A clean job site is a happy job site."

  3. Stephanie - I'm just about to write up my review. I loved it, but have a quibble or two.

  4. Bellezza - I wish you were here to help me eat the cake. Rod doesn't think lemon and chocolate go together, but then he doesn't like flavored coffee either. He likes his cakes yellow with chocolate frosting (a la Duncan Hines). Not terribly adventurous, but I'll keep him. :)

    I'll let you know when I post the recipe on my food blog. It was quite easy and both pieces I sampled after lunch were quite delicious.

  5. I wish I was there to help you eat it, too. Or, you could just watch me eat it. Here's my favorite line: "Both pieces I sampled..." Good for you, les!

    And, yes, I would like the recipe if you choose to post it.

  6. Ahh, my bedroom behaves in much the same way. It starts out nice and clean and somehow clothes creep out of the closet and onto the floor, books pile up, mail piles up. And it all starts over again.


  7. Lemon anything sounds promising.
    Chocolate anything sounds VERY promising. So...put 'em together and it's gotta be great! You rock, Les! Your blog should be called: "Book...or Cook?"

  8. Bellezza - Well, I really wasn't planning to eat two pieces in one sitting, but I couldn't let Rod's piece go to waste! Boy did I get a sugar/caffeine rush afterwards, though. I didn't really think much about the dark chocolate in the cake, combined with my cup of Starbuck's Espresso coffee, but I definitely felt wired. Hmmm, might be a good thing for breakfast tomorrow. ;)

    Andi - Ah, but we wouldn't want to be complete neat-freaks either, now would we? At least our rooms look lived in.

    Bybee - Thanks for making me smile. I wish I could take credit for the cake recipe, but it's from another blogger. I'll get it posted over on my cooking blog later tonight. Have you visited that blog yet? (Sorry, I can't remember who has commented where!)


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