March 21, 2007

Kiss the Cook

I've been quite busy these past few months, cooking and adding new recipes to my food blog (Kiss the Cook). Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite.


  1. I'll have one of everything! The cashew chicken! the sweet & sour chicken!

    Happy Thursday.

  2. I keep up pretty closely with Kiss the Cook (love your recipes), and I didn't comment on the puffs the other day, but they look delectable! Just had to throw that in. :)

  3. I'm doing a lot of drooling over everyone else's food, this morning! Those puffs look particularly delicious.

  4. Whoo, someone's been eating good at your house!! Those all look delicious!!

    Thank God for Bloglines, cause I keep a lot of your posts to try!

  5. Don't do this to me - it's hours 'til supper!

  6. Yeah, there should be a disclaimer on the top -- don't look if you are hungry!!! Everything looks delicious...

  7. Oh, YUM! Each and every thing looks scrumptious! I especially like Carnitas. ("Pork is a nice, sweet meat..." from the film Babe)I will definitely try some of your recipes; the pictures look as good!

  8. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Dang--I had to see this post right before lunch. My lunch is nowhere near as yummy as those photos look. Thanks for the links--I'll have an order of those carnitas and some guacamole on the side....I will have to bookmark that blog!

  9. Yum - all of that food looks amazing! I am hungry just seeing the photos!

  10. Anonymous11:58 AM

    They all look so yummy. I'm going over to Kiss the Cook for recipes!

  11. Ugh, Les, you're killing me. It's day 30 of my 40-day no sugar challenge and that chocolate mousse was nearly my undoing! ;)

    Thanks for the beef stroganoff recipe, I think I'll make it next week when my hubby comes home from Tampa. Yum-o

  12. Now I'm hungry! Looks so good

  13. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Can I come over to your house? Yummy! I'm wanting one of those breakfast puffs right now.

  14. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Oh my god, you're killing me! I'm trying to avoid breads and sweets, but these all look soooo good. Luckily it looks like there are a couple dishes I can eat, so I'm gonna give them a try.

  15. Oh Yum!! I'm such a lazy cook recently since H often eats near work and not at home- yes he's a work-a-holic! But I've saved a few of your recipes and really should try some soon.

  16. Hey, I'm thrilled the bread worked out! The puffs look great. I'll go over and see how to make them. I'm so glad you post some bread and desserts so this vegetarian can enjoy your Kiss The Cook blog. :<)

  17. I dont have a stove or a fridge so its frozen dinners and tea (from the kettle) for me. I cant cook even if I want to ... it makes me dizzy. But my fav thing is getting invited to dinner parties.

  18. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Look at all the people drooling on your blog! :) Oh my, the bread looks absolutely divine. Nothin better than the heavenly smell of fresh baked bread.

  19. Lisa - I'm thinking about making those two dishes (along with some pot stickers or egg rolls) for a dinner party. I could easily eat Chinese food once a week, and these recipes are so easy.

    Andi - The puffs are tasty, but they need to be sweeter on the inside. I need to tweek the recipe just a bit more.

    Nancy - Those puffs seem to be a big hit. Probably because everyone hungry! See my note to Andi about the sweetness.

    Heather - Yep! And it's beginning to catch up with us. Time to start cutting back a bit on the old comfort food. ;)

    Karen - Sorry! But now you know how I feel every time you post something edible. :)

    Lisa - Next time I'll post a warning: Do Not Read If Dieting or Hungry.

    Bellezza - The carnitas are a fairly new addition to our menu. Rod even likes to take some of the meat and add some Kansas City BBQ Sauce and make a BBQ Pork Sandwich. Let me know if you have any questions about the recipes (or have problems with any).

    Danielle - Now if only I could find a way to make some money off that blog so I can join a health club and lose some of the weight I've put on this past year!

    Kirsten - Thanks. Of course, I don't post any of the recipes I've tried that aren't tasty. This is the cream of the crop, at least for my family.

    Lynne - Thanks for stopping by. I can't remember if I've visited your blog in the past, but I'm adding it to my bookmarks for perusal. I love the picture of the window seat with the book and cup of tea(?). I hope you enjoy Kiss the Cook.

    Kookiejar - Wow! I wish I had that kind of willpower. I'm lucky if I can make it through one day with a some sort of sweet (usually just one small dark chocolate Dove candy). I'm pretty sure I couldn't last 30 days, let alone 40! Hang in there. Good luck with the beef stroganoff. I'm still not sure about the cut of beef. It's easy to let it get overcooked and tough. My husband still prefers ground beef, which would taste just as good with the sauce. Enjoy!

    Chris - Thanks. It's been fun trying out so many new recipes this past year. Having the blog has been a great motivator. It's so easy to get in a cooking slump. And, I'm lucky my husband enjoys pretty much everything I cook. We're on the same page about liver. Ugh. :)

    Iliana - You know, I've only made those puffs two times. The first was probably back in 1995. Putting together my food blog inspired me to give them another try. Still need to sweeten-up the batter just a smidge, though.

    Lesley - After a long year of comfort food, it's time for me and Rod to put the breaks on sweets and carbs! Not sure how we'll do, but at least we grill more in the spring/summer/fall, so you'll probably see more healthy recipes in the months to come. I'll be curious to see what recipes you try, so be sure to post your thoughts if and when you do.

    Nat - I know I wouldn't cook like this if I didn't have Rod to help me eat everything. I might make one recipe a week and wind up eating the same thing night after night. Or, I'd just invite friends in a couple of times a week and cook for them. It's my second most favorite thing to do (next to reading, of course). In a perfect world, I'd find a wealthy family (with a huge kitchen!) to hire me to cook for them 5 days a week. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

    Nan - Well, of course the bread turned out! The directions were flawless. :) Hey, I may try some vegetarian recipes, just for your benefit. Do you eat any seafood or chicken? I can't remember.

    Nessie - And one of my favorite things is to throw dinner parties. As a matter of fact, we're having one tonight. Crab cakes, salmon, rice pilaf, salad and Key Lime pie. Come on over!

    Literalicious - Thanks for stopping by. I'll have to check out your blog later this weekend. Yep, homemade bread is the best. It's right up there with homemade chocolate chip cookies. :)

  20. Well, they still make me drool. I had this weird thought that chopped apples might help. I'm delusional; I don't cook. I'd better go take a bath and read.

  21. Nancy - I can see how you would think apples would be a good addition. They go with cinnamon sugar. However, these are little 2-bite muffins and I'd probably have to mince the apples in order to make them fit. :) I'll keep it in mind next time I make these, though!


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