April 14, 2007

The Piano Man

The Piano Man by Marcia Preston
Contemporary Fiction
Finished on 4/9/07
Rating: 3/5 (Above Average)

Book Description

"Dear Stranger,
You don't know me, but you are my hero. My husband, Mason, received your son's heart. You have given him a new life."

With the tragic death of her teenage son, Clair O'Neal lost more than Nathan -- she lost her direction. Now, three years after his death, her life remains flat and hopeless. But with the unexpected discovery of a forgotten letter, written by the wife of the man who received Nathan's heart, Claire feels as if she has been given a chance to connect again with her son. According to the letter, Mason MacKinnon is a talented violinist and happily married. Perhaps, if she could meet him, Nathan's death would finally have some meaning.

But when she finds Mason, he is playing piano in a seedy bar, a cynical, chain-smoking man, down on his luck and in no mood for Claire. What has happened to him in the years since his wife wrote to Claire? How dare he abuse the precious gift given to him by Claire's son? Saving a man who has lost his family, his illustrious career and his will to live is no easy task, but Claire is driven with a purpose that borders obsession. And as two lost, lonely people learn to find hope once again, they grow to understand that life's most beautiful music still comes straight from the heart.

With a clear eye, acclaimed author Marcia Preston shows how our lives can be connected in strange, unexpected and sometimes wonderful ways.

Meh. Not bad. Not great. Just an enjoyable read (in spite of the subject matter) that I stumbled upon at the library one afternoon. The cover art caught my eye and after a quick skim of the book description, I decided to give it a try. Although a bit uneven and occasionally far-fetched, it wasn't terribly sappy or maudlin. Overall, this is not one I'd want to read again, so it's good that I found it at the library.


  1. The cover art for this book is great -- it's something that would draw me too. But the subject matter is not one I'd have an easy time dealing with.

  2. For a book dealing with a parent's grief, it wasn't too bad. But it simply isn't one I'd go out of my way to recommend.


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