May 9, 2007

April Showers... (Part II)

Roberts, Charles G. D. (1860-1943)

DID Winter, letting fall in vain regret
A tear among the tender leaves of May,
Embalm the tribute, lest she might forget,
In this elect, imperishable way?

Or did the virgin Spring sweet vigil keep
In the white radiance of the midnight hour,
And whisper to the unwondering ear of Sleep
Some shy desire that turned into flower?


  1. Anonymous4:51 AM

    My favorite flower! I remember my dad had them planted all around the base of the trees at our house. I can't find them anywhere down here in Atlanta.

  2. Lily of the Valley are so dainty. They were one of my mom's favourites.

  3. Your pictures are just gorgeous! Spring is finally in the air! (Actually today it's supposed to 85 here in Illinois. That's a bit too summer too fast for me!)

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I love lily of the valley. My mom has a field of them in her yard, so she's going to give me a few transplants to put into my (currently bare)yard. I love that they're shady plants too.

  5. Those are gorgeous. So delicate.

  6. I love those photos, especially the last one, which looks like a little fairy put curlers on the ends of the flower. :<)

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Just incredibly lovely!

  8. So pretty! Those are fabulous photos, Les.

  9. Lynne - Aren't they lovely? And I was surprised they had such a heady fragrance. I wonder why you can't find any in Atlanta??

    Nat - They are dainty, aren't they? They bring a smile to my face every time I see them.

    Stephanie - Thanks! I've been having a lot of fun with my floral photos. I think spring has left us, too. We're now in the summer temps (high 80s - low 90s). Oh, well. I'd rather be hot than cold.

    Kristina - Oooh, a field of them would be gorgeous. Mine are tucked in a corner by the house near the hose faucet. I think they like the water that dribbles down from the faucet. :) How nice of your mom to share some of hers with you.

    Kookiejar - They seem to be the epitome of a dainty, delicate flower.

    Nan - You're right! I think it looks a bit like a fairy's hat. :)

    Kay - Lovely is the perfect word for these plants.

    Nancy - Thank you, dear! You're my inspiration!!


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