May 30, 2007

Catching Up...

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the comments this past week. I have finally responded to each and every one and hope that you'll all go back to the various blog entries and see my answers. I don't know about the rest of you, but not only do I make an effort to respond to all the comments, but I usually check back on the blogs I've commented on to see if the blogger has responded with a question for me. No wonder I'm falling further and further behind!

To answer everyone's question about Item #2 on the recent meme... PK stands for "preacher's kid". Bellezza was the closest. Both my dad and his dad are/were Episcopalian priests. So there you have it!

Hmmm, what else. So far only Booklogged has inquired about the free copy of The Birth House. Unless I hear from someone else by Friday afternoon, it looks like it'll be hers.

I commented somewhere (Bookfool or Bellezza's blog) about a recent new toy and finally have some pictures to share. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. My husband has a new motorcycle...

and I have...

A kayak!! It's 9 1/2 feet long and weighs about 38 lbs.

Great upper-body workout!

My wonderful husband helped me load it on top of the XTerra, packed up his fishing gear, and off we went. I paddled around Holmes Lake for about 1 1/2 hours while he fished and read his motorcycle cruising magazine. It couldn't have been a more lovely day. The sun was shining, the fish were jumping, ducks were hanging out in the inlets, and I saw a gorgeous blue heron fly right past my bow. Definitely need to take the camera next time out!

Here's to a beautiful summer!

*Click on the pictures for full-size views.


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Great pictures Les. Hope you both have a great time!

  2. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Wow! What fun for you both - So glad you got that kayak.
    Hugs and kisses - Mom and Bill

  3. Great looking kayak!

  4. Cool new bike and kayak!!!

    I have a book giveaway on my post today as well, if you or anyone else is interested in free stuff!

  5. Lesley, you've got some great muscle tone on your arms! Good for you. My hubby is into weightlifting, so I know muscle when I see it. Wish I had some. ;)

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Oh a kayak looks so fun! Hope you enjoy it tons!

  7. Oh, drat. I knew what a pk was and didn't respond. I didn't think I'd be the only one! Next time I'll pipe up.

  8. Oh, coolness!!! Lucky girl! I love kayaking and wow, you're muscular. I was buff like that, about 5 years ago. Now, I'm jello. LOL Have blast with it!!!

  9. Kay - Thanks! We went out again yesterday and spent an hour on the lake. I saw two beautiful herons and 3 huge turtles. Rod fished, but didn't catch anything.

    Mom & Bill - It's a lot of fun. Nice to have something new to do on the weekends.

    Ollie1976 - Thanks. It's quite stable and fairly light. I managed to get it up on top of our XTerra all by myself yesterday. Twice. The first time I put it up, I had it upside down (actually it was right side up, but you want the opening facing down so it doesn't fill with water if it starts to rain). Live & learn!

    Carl - We're all about kewl! :) Thanks for the heads-up about your book giveaway. I need to get on the ball and start visiting my favorite blogs more often.

    Kookiejar - Aw, you're sweet. I think my hubby managed to take a picture at just the right time. My arms don't usually look like that!

    Iliana - It's been a blast, so far. We're scoping out all the local lakes. I'm already anxious for some variety after paddling around Holmes Lake twice now.

    Nancy - I am having so much fun. Now to figure out a way to take my camera with me. I keep seeing great shots of wildlife. You would love it!

  10. 3M - You should've chimed in! Most people don't know what a PK is unless they're one themselves.

  11. Sounds like so much fun. A perfect day. I think your kayak is the best of the new purchases. Seems to me that you're going to need a bike to go riding with him and he's going to need a kayak to go paddling with you. When it comes to fishing, he can have the rod and you get a good book. Keep enjoying life.

  12. Oh, LES! I love your kayak! I've had such a difficult week, we are really going through a hard time with my son/his depression, and it gives me no small amount of joy to see you in the water in your new kayak. Where do you use it? You must be very strong to paddle it all around yourself. June 17th we're going to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for a week, and I just CANNOT wait to get in the water and canoe. I'll post some pictures when we get back, but you look just gorgeous. I might have to ask you about purchasing a kayak sometime...

  13. Booklogged - It really is a lot of fun. As far as riding with Rod, I'm not too keen on getting on his bike or getting my own. We've actually taken a few day trips with him riding and me driving my MiniCooper (gets great gas mileage!). We may just stick to that. ;)

    Rod has no interest in kayaking with me, but he's perfectly content sitting on the shore with his fishing pole, a book and a bag of sunflower seeds. Since I'm only out on the water for about an hour or two, it works out well for him to tag along and keep an eye on me (we use walkie-talkies to touch base while I'm out paddling around).

    Bellezza - I love it, too! I had a feeling you'd get excited about it. :) I'm sorry to hear that you've had a rough week. I hope things settle down soon.

    I've only gone out on one local lake, but we're busy scouting out new places to fish & paddle. I was surprised that there are so many lakes in our area. It's going to be a fun summer!

    I've never been to Wisconsin, but it sounds heavenly. You're going to have a great time, I'm sure. I'll be anxious to see all the pics upon your return.

  14. oh mi god, Les, a KAYAK??? You lucky,lucky girl! I had seriously considered taking a few lessons this summer at our local canoe club but the registration date came and went and I still am "lesson-less".

    Enjoy your new toy, I can tell it's going to be a wonderful summer!

  15. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Wow, the bike is cool but the kayak is beautiful! Hope you have lots of fun with it.

  16. Lotus - It is SO MUCH fun!! I love it and am so glad I finally decided to just do it!

    Lesley - Yep, the bike is pretty cool, but I am not a motorcycle person at all. Too scary for me! However, the kayak is awesome. I'm having great fun with it.


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