August 6, 2007

Where In The World Is Lesley? (Day Twelve)

Itinerary: Brentwood Bay to Cowichan Bay to Sidney-by-the-Sea
Cruising Time: 1 1/2 hours for each leg of the trip
Weather: Partly cloudy in a.m. (65 degrees) with rain all afternoon in Sidney
Delicious seafood chowder and halibut sandwich at Bay Pub in Cowichan

Brentwood Bay-Mill Bay Ferry


Heading toward Cowichan

Calm Seas

Boat Fenders

Cool Planter!

Outside The Mud Room Clayworks

My Souvenir

Outside the Bakery


  1. What a wonderful trip! I've loved all the photos and am glad to see more today! Did you see any Orcas on the trip?

  2. All these wonderful photos are making me seriously homesick for Victoria and thereabouts. sigh.

  3. Robin - Thanks for the encouragement. I still have a few more to post. ;)

    No, we sure didn't have any luck spotting any Orcas. We did see a couple of porpoises, though. They were too quick, though, and I missed the photo-op.

    Nat - I'm sorry! Truth be told, they're making me "homesick" for the area, too. We really want to move there someday.

  4. What great photos! I've enjoyed looking at them all so much - and definitely proof that you had a wonderful time! I confess to being a bit homesick now, though. :-)

    Oh, and that bread looks so good, I can almost smell it from here.

  5. Lesley - Tell me again where you're from? Isn't it the eastern part of Canada? And, yes, we had a fabulous time. Now we're looking forward to a trip to the Oregon coast (next month).

  6. What great photos. All that bread just makes me hungry!

  7. Emily - Thanks! The bread store smelled so good! We got some sweet buns (dark chocolate chip) for our breakfast and they were fantastic.


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