August 19, 2007

Where In The World Is Was Lesley? (Bookstore Visits!)

Yes! I'm finally posting about the bookstores I visited while vacationing in the Pacific Northwest.

Friday Harbor (WA) has four bookstores. I made purchases in three. (The fourth was closed when I discovered it!)

Griffin Bay Bookstore was my favorite of the three I visited. I loved the atmosphere! Beautiful hardwood floors, lots of natural light, soft music and nicely displayed merchandise. This is exactly where I'd want to work if we could ever manage to relocate to Friday Harbor!

We didn't spent much time in this quaint used bookstore. I knew exactly what I was looking for and didn't want to linger too long, as there were other shops to visit.

I didn't get a picture of the Harbor Bookstore, but it's another lovely store that overlooks the ferry dock on the waterfront.

Boardwalk Bookstore is the one I missed out on. Doesn't it look charming? Definitely a "must do" on our next trip to Friday Harbor.

Sidney is considered Canada's only Booktown, featuring 9 bookstores. And, no, I didn't get to all of them. Not even half. The majority are used bookstores and I was looking for new books for souvenirs of the trip.

I spent a fair amount of time (and money!) in Tanner's. It's another store I'd be quite content to work in. Sorry--I was too busy admiring the merchandise and failed to get any interior shots.

Outside of Tanner's

We didn't have much time in Victoria (British Columbia), but a visit to Munro's was tops on the list. It's a lovely store, but for a Monday afternoon, I thought it was quite busy and crowded. Lots of tourists compared to the other shops I visited in Friday Harbor and Sidney.

Be sure to click on the pictures for the full-size image.

Stay tuned for a post about all my purchases!


  1. I can't believe you didn't invite me on this trip. :)

    Come on over to my blog and get your award.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Ohh, that Griffin Bay Bookstore looks so nice. I could just see myself wandering, checking out all the cool books for hours...

  3. They all look great! I'm definiely going to have to have a wander through Sidney next time. Looking forward to hearing about your purchases. :)

  4. Yummmm! These are so quaint and cute and fun looking. They remind me quite a bit of a couple of the sweet little bookstores in Wilmington. Some of which I'll be visiting this weekend! :)

  5. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I love the Serendipity Bookstore. That's the kind of bookstore I dream of having :)
    As much as I love B&N and Borders I'd really give anything to have something as quaint as these in my part of town.
    Now waiting patiently to hear all about your books bought!

  6. I love that statue in front of Tanner's. Was there a plaque? Was it based on anyone? I simply love the expression on the woman's face. And I love the plants beside the bench.

  7. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I live in Friday Harbor, and I guess the word is out now. We are so lucky! Not only is it a great place to live, but between the new and used bookstores and a fantastic library, we can get ANYTHING! Come visit often.

  8. Bellezza - Next time! You'd love it! Well, that is if you don't get seasick. ;)

    Stephanie - I would've like to have spent more time perusing the shelves, but I also felt like I could shop for books anywhere, anytime. Just sitting on the boat or dock, watching the eagles, seals, boaters, etc. was a bit more appealing at the time. :)

    Nat - Do you usually get over to Sidney when you're in Victoria? It's quite a distance by boat, but I suppose by car it's just a short little drive.

    I'm working on the list! Maybe tonight. :)

    Andi - Don't you just love the indies?! I do love my B&N, but there's something so homey about a smaller, independent bookstore. Maybe that's why I've always loved that Meg Ryan movie, You've Got Mail.

    Have fun in Wilmington! I was just thinking about your neck of the woods last night. The humidity was awful and it reminded me of one of our visits to Durham. We were absolutely drenched as we walked all over the Duke campus. But oh, it's ever so gorgeous out there.

    Iliana - All you need is a cute little house and a few knowledgeable employees. I'm sure you already have the inventory! ;)

    Isn't it funny how there aren't any like these in the DFW area. I wonder why? We have a couple here in Lincoln, but not as quaint as those in the Pacific Northwest.

    Nan - There are several statues like the woman reading all over Sidney. I took a picture of one other that I'll try to remember to post. I don't recall a plaque, but I'll check. And, I love those flowers, too. Lobelia, allysum and geraniums. Lovely colors!

  9. David - What a surprise to hear from a Friday Harbor local! Thanks for visiting my blog. You are quite the lucky guy to live in such a beautiful place. Want to adopt me (and my husband)? ;)

  10. Les,
    I loved your bookstores blog. I am anxious to see the new Griffin Bay Bookstore! It looks like a Friday Harbor trip is in my near future. And I have always found Munro's bookstore to be a bit crowded. Perhaps it's the way it's set up. Did you realize it was started by author Alice Munro? I try to go there whenever we're in Victoria but have to admit I like the Chapters bookstore down the street better. Victoria is a wonderful bookstore city and there are lots of little independent bookstores sprinkled here and there - enough to make it fun for any bibliophile! I will have to make an effort to go to Sidney next time we get to Vancouver Island, too. I can hardly wait now to hear about what you bought.

  11. Beachreader - I don't know if you ever saw my other post about my favorite bookstores. Go here if you're interested.

    No, I had no idea that Alice Munro was involved in the bookstore. Thanks for that bit of trivia!

    Off to put together my list of purchases... :)

  12. Doesn't that phrase -"must do" on our next trip to Friday Harbor- bring a smile to your heart?

    This is a wonderful post. Can't wait to hear what you bought. I like buying books from places I visit, too. While reading Little Country I'd occasionally catch what I wrote on the inside cover - purchased in Powell's BS in Portland, OR. and the date - and I would drift off for a few moments to a place filled with good memories.

  13. Les,
    I had fun visiting your year-old post about your favorite bookstores and had fun seeing two of my favorites, Elliot Bay Bookstore and Powells there. Also got quite a kick out of seeing 84 Charing Cross Road mentioned. I have been there as well -- of course the store was no longer there but there was a plaque. Fortunately there was a brand-new Borders store having its grand opening just down the street which we took full advantage of!

  14. Not usually (get out to Sidney that it) but it's only about a 30 min. drive from downtown Victoria so I should make the effort next time.

  15. Booklogged - Yes, it certainly does. We haven't made specific plans as of yet, but we do want to return in the next year or two. Thanks for the idea of jotting down the date and location of the purchase inside the books! Knowing me and my memory, it'll be all a blur in a few years. ;)

  16. Maudeen - Glad you enjoyed that older post. I should have a few to add in a few weeks (after our trip to Oregon).

    Nat - I'll bet it's a pretty drive. Next time we're out that way, I'd love to rent a car for a couple of days and drive around the island. Or maybe we should rent scooters! That would be a kick!


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