August 11, 2007

Where In The World Is Was Lesley? (Day Thirteen)

Itinerary: Sidney to Victoria (British Columbia/Vancouver Island)
Cruising Time: No idea
Weather: Foggy and cool
Attitude: Sad to see the vacation coming to an end

Our final day before heading back to the Midwest. The seas were calmer than usual, which is apparently a good thing when heading down to Victoria (via Haro Strait, merging into Juan De Fuca Strait). The fog lifted, which was also a good thing since we needed to watch out for deadwood (logs) and rocks. We only had a couple of hours in Victoria before catching the Victoria Clipper back to Seattle (our hosts had two more weeks of cruising after our departure!). Maybe we'll get back to Victoria in another year or two with more time to play tourists.

Charts (not maps!)

Almost to Victoria!

That looks big enough! Where do we sign?

The ubiquitous float plane!

Didn't even faze those geese!

Canadian Coast Guard Cutter

Lucky us!
We got a slip right on the causeway in front of the Empress!

More of the gorgeous hanging baskets like those we saw in Sidney.

Caught reading!

Our ride back to Seattle.

That's not a whale!

Click on pictures for full-size view.


  1. Nice that you got a slip in front of the Empress. You should've walked up the street to Munro's! Too bad you didn't have more time.
    Can you tell me what the temp. was in Victoria?- just to make me really unhappy about the weather in Tokyo!! :P

  2. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I've been following all of your posts about your vacation. You must have had the most wonderful time! Great pictures.

  3. Nat - We sure felt lucky! I wish we had been able to stay another day, so we could've seen the Empress lit up that night. Maybe next time...

    Oh! And we did walk up to Munro's. Had a bit of time after lunch to prowl around the stacks, but I had already packed and didn't dare buy another book! More about my purchases and other bookstore visits to come.

    Umm, I think it was in the high 50s that day, but I'm not positive. Definitely cool and drizzly, though.

    Lynne - Thank you! We did have a lovely, lovely time. It's been fun posting all the pics. Nice to re-live the trip with my blogmates. :)

  4. How kewl is that sub! We went to see the Nautilus(sp) off the New England coast this summer, but to see one in motion-awe! :D

  5. Oh, I'm looking forward to hearing about your book purchases. I love browsing Munro's when I'm in town. Course, like you said, I can never get all that I want, having to worry about packing them.
    I used an online temperature conversion (have never understood Fahrenheit) and wow, that's cool! Positively refreshing!! :P

  6. Could you not just (ahem) steal one of those hanging baskets?! Oh my goodness are they beautiful. Love the man reading, too.

  7. Maggie - I thought it was pretty cool, too! I wish I could've been able to go outside and get a better shot, but the Victoria Clipper that we were on doesn't allow for passengers to be outside.

    Nat - I could've easily found a few more books, but I'd already bought some and was having that end-of-the-trip-cash-poor feeling. Plus, the store was pretty crowded and we were in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't enjoy it quite as well as some of the other bookstores we visited on our vacation.

    Funny! I don't understand the whole Celsius thing! ;)

    Bellezza - I would love to have hanging baskets like the ones we saw in Victoria and Sidney. Unfortunately, they'd only look nice for a month or two. Then the heat would zap 'em. I love that purple Lobelia!

    And, yes, the picture of the man reading is great. If I were brave, I'd love to own an Airedale. Aren't they just the sweetest looking dogs?


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