September 22, 2007

Farewell to Summer

A summer in pictures...

Kayaking on Holmes Lake, Nebraska

Floating in Lincoln, Nebraska

Soaking up rays in the Pacific Northwest

Blogging in Seattle, Washington

Playing in Hood River, Oregon

Sandcastles at Nye Beach, Oregon

Green Zebra Tomatoes in Depoe Bay, Oregon

Frisky dogs at Pacific City, Oregon

Sitting Duck Gull in Newport, Oregon

Pelicans at Little Whale Cove, Oregon

Pasta-making lessons in Lathrop, Missouri

4-Wheeling in Lathrop, Missouri


  1. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Lovely, lovely pictures. You guys look very happy. Thanks for the birthday card!

  2. What a wonderful summer! Thanks for sharing it with us all. I really enjoyed your photos and posts.

  3. Les, this was a spectacular summer, wasn't it? I have so enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading all that you got up to! It was so nice of you to share your summer with us!

  4. Those are great pictures of your fabulous summer! Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us. It was great fun to live vicariously through you. I've actually just booked my ticket so I'll be visiting Victoria in about a month.
    BTW, those zebra tomatoes are wild! I'd love to try them.

  5. Kay - Thanks. It was a great summer! Happy belated birthday. :)

    Robin - Thank you! I had so much fun and really enjoyed posting my pics for everyone to see. It's also been fun to go back through my blog and look at all the pictures. Who needs traditional photo albums anyway??

    Lotus - Yes, it was quite a fun-filled summer. Certainly not typical for us, so it was quite a treat. And well-deserved, I think. I'm glad you had fun looking at all the pictures. It sure was fun taking them, as well as posting them to my blog and adding the captions. I love this idea of an online scrapbook.

    Nat - Yay!! I'm glad you get to go to Victoria! I can't wait to see YOUR pictures. You are such an awesome photographer.

    The tomatoes were quite good, but they didn't really work well for Fried Green Tomatoes. Too mushy by the time I finished frying them. Just because they're green doesn't mean they're unripe. Live and learn. ;)

  6. The sand castle is just plain cool---but I envy the pasta-making lessons the most!

  7. I love the pictures of your summer. It is fun to look back in a visual way. The zebra tomatoes photo doesn't come through on my computer. I love the beer and blogging one. :<)
    And those dogs!

  8. Okay, I'm going to take every picture from now on with my neck laid back (like you in your aqua Life Is Good tee). That way, I won't be DISGUSTED by neck as I am when I look at recent pictures. I'm like Nora Ephron, "I Feel Bad About My Neck" and the way it's starting to sag!

    It's hard to say good bye to kayaking isn't it?

  9. Heather - I have no idea who that little girl is in the sandcastle picture. I just thought it looked so sweet that way she was admiring the hard work her parents did!

    That homemade pasta was fabulous! I have the recipe for the meal we made with it and I'll get it posted later this weekend (once I've made it myself so I can take a picture). Be sure to check out my food blog, if you're interested.

    Nan - I thought you might like the dog picture. ;) Hopefully, I've corrected the blog so all the pictures will load now. And, yes, it's fun to have a visual memory of the summer. Especially since I've gotten so lazy about ordering pictures to place in a photo album!

    Bellezza - Oh, I'm right there with you! I think I just got lucky with some of these pictures. You don't see all the ones that I think are unfit for pubic viewing. When did I get a double-chin????

    Yes, it's hard to say good-bye to kayaking, especially since I only took it out three times! We were just too busy this summer with vacations. I'll have it for a full summer next year, though. And, there's still a few more weekends before it gets really cold here.

  10. Off the subject completely: I just started The House of The Seven Gables for the RIP II Challenge, and though it took awhile to get into, now I'm hooked! I can't wait to see what you think/discuss it if you read it.

  11. Bellezza - I hope I get to it! I have to admit, it's not high on my list for Carl's Challenge since I only have 4 weeks to go and 2 books to read. I'm just not reading as many books as I used to. Darned job! ;)

  12. I'm not reading nearly as much as I used to since school started. I wonder if One Thousand Splendid Suns could count as an RIP II Challenge. It certainly was imbibing peril! My goodness, I'd hate to live in Afghanistan...

  13. Bellezza - I know what you mean. And, I'll never eat rice again without cringing!


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