September 9, 2007

Get Caught Reading!

I'm still on vacation, but have a few drafts ready to post. So, here are a few more pics from our last trip. I should have a couple of book reviews posted in the next day or two, too. I've already read two of my choices for Carl's R.I.P. II Challenge. Stay tuned!

I took this on the last day of our trip.
We had just pulled into the marina in Victoria.
Wanna guess what she's reading? :)

This little guy was in the Harbor Bookstore
in Friday Harbor.
I don't believe I've ever seen a
real live hedgehog, let alone an albino!

Spotted this guy crawling across my path in Anacortes.
We had snails in our flower beds when I was growing up
in San Diego.
Just don't see too many (if any!) of them here
in Nebraska.
We have slugs (little tiny ones that
love the hostas), but not snails.

Spotted this near Lake Union (Washington).
I love it!

This is Conner.
He was on the boat next to ours in Friday Harbor.
Very nice pup (and a very nice boat!).

This is the same seal that stopped by one
morning while we were in Friday Harbor.

Great beer at the Front Street Ale House in Friday Harbor.


  1. Fun pictures, as always! I especially love the ones of Conner, and the seal. Hope you're having as good a time on this vacation as the last one. :)

  2. As usual - thanks for the great pictures - makes me doubly happy that we'll be in the San Juans next weekend and that sunshine is predicted!

  3. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Aww! The hedgehog and seal are particularly adorable and lovely!

  4. Les, you're off on another vacation? You lucky, lucky girl! LOVE the pictures! What a great summer you're having, thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. I can't wait to hear what you read for the RIP Challenge!!

  6. p.s. Do you have any Bit Me bumper stickers for sale? I need a couple...you know, for bulletin boards and whatnot.

  7. I'll bet she's reading Eclipse. We used to have hedgehogs, but I've never seen an albino. Love your pictures and wishing I was you or beachreader so I could be in the northwest. Hope you're having a great time.

  8. I don't know why, but seeing that hedgehog (so cute!) made me miss the chipmunks in Pennsylvania!

    Hope you're having a wonderful vacation, again!

  9. Nat - Glad you enjoyed them. Isn't Conner a sweet pup? And so well-behaved. Good boat dog.

    I should have some new travel pics up from the Oregon trip later next week. We're home, but exhausted with too much planned in the days to come. We had a great trip, but now it's back to the "real world."

    Maudeen - Love your new picture here! :) Glad you enjoyed the travel pics. Hope you have a great time in the San Juans!

    Heather - They are pretty cute, aren't they?

    Lotus - Well, now I'm back! Had a great time, but need to get some sleep and get back on my regular schedule. 4 hours of sleep last night just wasn't enough. Good thing I don't operate heavy machinery at work! ;)

    Bellezza - So far I've read Brother Odd and Heart-Shaped Box. Not sure what's up next. I think I'm leaning toward a Gaiman.

    Haha! I'll bet you can Google "Bite Me Bumper Sticker" and find them for sale somewhere. Sorry I don't have any to send you.

    Booklogged - Good guess. But, nope. I'll post an answer later this week.

    So, you mean you owned your own personal hedgehog? Please don't tell my husband! He'll start talking about them like he did ferrets (which I said no to, too!).

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures. More to come from Oregon later next week. We had a great time. Ate lots of seafood -- especially clam chowder. Yum!

    Janet - That's funny that they remind you of chipmunks. Speaking of which, I got a couple of cute pictures of a chipmunk while in Oregon. Check back in a few days. I should have a few blog entries with pics from that trip once I get through the laundry, sleep, mail, sleep, work, sleep, etc. ;) I'm too old to stay up late and get up early! 4 hours is not enough.

  10. I live in central London (UK) and we have a small garden with a pond. Snails are the bane of my life, I remove hundreds of the b***ers from my plants every year. We also have a couple of hedgehogs, but not albinos; like all hedgehogs they have fleas and other parasites but they are wonderful because they eat snails and slugs so I love them. At bonfire time we have to be really careful as they like nothing better than to curl up under a pile of wood and leaves, and I would hate to toast them!

  11. Herschelian - Interesting that you have hedgehogs. Are they pets or do they just live wild in your garden?


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