October 8, 2007

My Oregon Trail (Part Four)

We spent a couple of afternoons exploring the communities south of Depoe Bay. I enjoyed Nye Beach, but I think Rod preferred looking at boats at the South Beach Marina in Newport. Again, the weather was lovely--almost hot!

Nye Beach looking north toward Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach
Home of THE best clam chowder ever!
(We should know. We ate there 3 times in one week.)
Highly recommend!

Roger that, Charlie Bird. You're cleared for take-off.

Number 4 for take-off? That's it! I hate this job.
I'm never flying again. Oh, wait...

Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon

Yaquina Bay Bridge

A different day with a view of Nye Beach looking north

Rogue Brew Pub
Newport, Oregon
Great beer and pretty good chowder.


  1. OK - you've got us beat. We only ate at The Chowder Bowl twice the week we were over there. We did manage to hit both of the Rogue Brewpubs, though :-)

  2. SuziQ - Well, we owe you a big thanks for the recommendations. The Chowder Bowl is now a favorite and I'm sure we'll hit it every chance we get!

    Speaking of Nye Beach, did you ever have tea at Tea & Tomes? I was disappointed that it was sold and that the new owners were renovating the restaurant while we were visiting. My mom and I used to go to Tea & Tomes every time I visited and they had the BEST "high tea" with delicious lavender scones. Sigh. Maybe the new place will have a lot of the same menu items.

  3. Nope - I'd never been to Nye Beach before we were there in August. We definitely want to plan a late winter - early spring trip back to Yachats so maybe I'll be able to check out the new stuff at Nye Beach then.

  4. Your pictures are wonderful, as always! I want so badly to visit the Pacific Northwest. And I want some of those glass floats...they're beautiful! I'm a glass junkie, anyway...sigh...

    The idea of Tea & Tomes sounds wonderful...even better than coffee and books! I've been wanting to make lavender scones since I saw a recipe for them in Dilly of a Death by Susan Wittig Albert. I just need to go in search of some food-grade dried lavender. I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy any on your trip!

  5. LOL! I love the pictures and captions on the seagull pics! ;)
    I'm definitely going to have to have some clam chowder. Any place you'd recommend in Sidney?

  6. The seagull pictures are amazing. Weren't you so lucky to get them!!

  7. As always, great pictures which just make me want to go there!

  8. I am more detemined than ever to make the trip through Washington and Oregon this coming summer.

    I'm taking notes.

  9. SuziQ - Lucky you that you can visit so often! Enjoy.

    Janet - Thank you! I sure have been having a lot of fun with my camera. You should see all the pictures that DIDN'T make it to my blog! ;)

    Aren't those float gorgeous?! I have three. Two are on bookshelves and the other is hanging in a little string net in front of one of the windows in our dining room. It's so pretty when the sunlight shines through it.

    If you want some lavender for cooking, try this website. I bought a lot of items from the shop when we were in Friday Harbor.

    Nat - We didn't eat out much when we were in Sidney. That's one of the nice things about staying on a live-aboard boat. We could fix our own meals whenever we chose. However, the day we arrived, we had lunch at the Rumrunner Pub. It overlooks the marina and Haro Strait. I honestly can't remember what I ordered, but I think there was a seafood chowder that I tried that was very good. Just can't remember the main item. I think my stepmom had a halibut sandwich that looked fabulous! Thanks for the photo compliments. Those seagulls are pretty dumb. Nothing scares them away.

    Nan - They're pretty much used to people, I think. I was able to get pretty close without startling any of them. They're all hanging around waiting for handouts!

    Karen - Thanks! Have you ever been to the West Coast? We would love to retire there.

    Elizabeth - Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the photo you've chosen for your blog id! Very cute! Hope you enjoy your trip to the Pacific Northwest as much as we did. Off to visit your blog now...

  10. Les,
    We have a house in Newport and I love your pictures! Nye Beach is right down the road from our house. Our favorite place to eat there is Cafe Stephanie...the cinnamon rolls, fish tacos...yummy! (Well, not together anyway!)

    Another favorite place of ours is Sharks on the Bayfront. They have cioppino to die for! We always manage to make it over a few times a year.

    Loved your pics of the Rogue beer, it's my husband's favorite, the mocha porter. We went to Rogue garage sale this summer and got some mis-labeled beer for a steal of a price.


  11. Les, thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to try to wander around the book shops in Sidney this time so maybe I'll have a chance to go to the pub as well. I'm sure I'll find seafood or clam chowder somewhere! :)

  12. Melissa - Aren't you so very lucky to have a house right down the road from Nye Beach!! I'm so jealous! I'll have to put Cafe Stephanie and Sharks on our list to try next time we're out there. Maybe by then we will have lost all the extra weight we gained from all the clam chowder we ate this visit!

    Nat - You're welcome! Take lots of pictures!! :)

  13. Yup, yup, yup! I recognize it :) The first photo was taken (it looks like) right in front of the Sylvia Beach Hotel...that was the view from our room! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wendy - I think I was actually standing out on the beach when I took that shot, so yah, I could've been right in front of the hotel. Did you have soup at the Chowder Bowl??!! It's THE BEST I have ever had!


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