January 17, 2008


-40 degrees (F)
Valleyview, Alberta, Canada

It's cold. (16)

It's snowing. (Again)

The wind's blowing. (When isn't it?)

On the brighter side...we're off to Virginia Beach where it's a balmy 35 degrees!

Oh, and Spring is just 63 days away. :)


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    You shouldn't complain about the cold. It was -40 the day we took this picture!

  2. Awww... is that you? :)

  3. It's -4 right now in my part of Utah. Thankfully, no wind.

    Virginia Beach? Hope your plans are for inside, although 35 is almost shirt sleeve weather after a cold winter. Have a good trip.

  4. Mom - That was the time my eyelashes froze shut, right? ;)

    Nat - Yep, that's me. I was 4 years old.

    Booklogged - Negative Four?! Without wind chill? Brrrrrr!!

    Yep, we're off to visit our five- year-old granddaughter (a belated Christmas visit). We don't have any specific plans, but I'm pretty sure we'll be indoors most of the time.

  5. That's such a cute photo!!! Have fun and hope you warm up!

  6. Hey guess what? It's 32 degrees here and it's been snowing all day. Here! I'm amazed, plus it gave me the excuse to be lazy today. No salt or sand trucks here!

    And awwww, you were a cutie!

  7. Les, is that YOU in there? You look like the little kid in Christmas Story (who falls in the snow and can't get up due to his snowsuit). How well I remember wearing snowpants under my dresses in elementary school, since we weren't allowed to wear pants...Have a wonderful time in Virginia Beach. Won't you miss the snow a teensy bit? :)

  8. Anonymous8:20 PM

    In Wyoming -40 would be a reality. Now a few degree below zero is the average. 29 years ago when I had my precious Tiffany it was the coldest winter ever. It stayed -20 to -40 from November till April.

    Cute pic but just made me freeze looking at it.


  9. -40? We think it's cold here when it's -4!

  10. Last time I was in -40 weather (okay, that was with wind chill; it was a 'mere' -25 F without) our car broke down on the highway. =/

    Enjoy Virginia Beach!!

  11. I love that little Les. :<)

  12. Nancy - Well, we warmed up for a day or so on our trip, but it wound up snowing in VA! It was pretty chilly the entire time we were there. And now that we're home, it's going to get even colder. Negative 10 tonight!

    Lesley - I think you got the storm that followed us to VA. We had snow out there! Not much, but enough to make a five-year-old happy. :) Now we're home and it's getting even colder. Negative 10 tonight! Sigh.

    Bellezza - Yep, that would be me. As I recall, it was so cold I started to cry and my eyelashes froze shut. I feel like crying now that I've heard our forecast. We're going down to negative 10 tonight. Might be the perfect night for a bourbon! Oh, and no, I didn't miss the snow. It snowed in Virginia Beach! :(

    Gayla - I remember one of the first winters here after we moved from San Diego. I think it was below zero for over a week! I know it got down to 20 below for a day or two. The new hardwood floors made the strangest cracking noise when we opened the back door. They were fine, but it sure sounded awful!

    Karen - I figure anything below freezing is too cold. I prefer hot & humid summers and am counting the days until spring. Summer won't be too far behind.

    Heather - Oh my gosh! I can't imagine being outside in weather that cold, let alone dealing with a car that has broken down. I do hope you had AAA! Yikes!

    Nan - I thought you might. :)


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