February 13, 2008

Two Year Blog Anniversary

And the lucky winner is... JACKIE!!!! Please send me your mailing address (via my email that is listed in my Blogger profile) and I'll get your Barnes & Noble gift card in the mail tomorrow. Congratulations and thank you for visiting my blog!

It’s important to have a sense of place. To feel that you belong somewhere, to feel committed. For some people, place begins with another person and everything – from friends to the Japanese maple in the yard – grows from that. But sometimes, it works the other way. You find a place where you belong. And the people find you. Gathering mussels, picking beans, eating blackberry pie. (author unknown)

During the past two years, I have found a place where I belong. I love sharing my thoughts about the books I've read, the places I've visited, the beauty in nature, and the new music I've discovered. And, I've discovered so many new authors and books thanks to all of you fabulous bloggers. My life is richer since I began blogging and I've met so many intelligent, funny, and kind new friends. I simply can't imagine ever giving this up! So here's to many, many more years of friendship and books.

As a big thank you for your loyal readership and comments, I would like to offer a gift of appreciation. Leave a comment between now and Sunday night and I'll have my husband draw names from a hat. The winner will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Good friends
good books --
we want to
hang on to


  1. I found your blog last month. I have really enjoyed reading your posts about the books you've read. There are a number of good books that I have found on your site and plan on reading them in the future. Congratulations on two years of posts.

  2. Happy two year anniversary! I agree, I've met so many nice people and found new authors and books. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and learning about parts of your life.

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary, Lesley! It's been MY pleasure to read your blog. Thank YOU! :)

    I see you're reading The Winter Rose. I just started it. I decided to focus on reading PART ONE for now. The length is just too overwhelming for me as a whole.

  4. Yay for anniversaries! Thanks for your blog. I always appreciate your reviews.

  5. Happy anniversary!

    I've only discovered your blog recently, but it's been a pleasure reading your excellent reviews of books.

    Here's to another great year! =D

  6. What? Gifts on YOUR anniversary? Indeed, it is my pleasure to blog with you; the wealth of knowledge and ideas keeps me so filled with joy. I have few friends with whom I can share the love of literature, comfortable feet, and small houses with good food as I can with you.

  7. Congratulations on your two year blog anniversary! I always enjoy your reviews and your photos. Here's wishing you many more years of good books and good blogging! :)

  8. Happy anniversary Les! Since I don't get to sell books with you anymore, reading and participating on your blog is the next best thing. Just keep pointing out the good stuff to us!

  9. Happy second blog birthday! I'm lucky enough to have been here about three-fourths of that time!

  10. Congrats on your blogiversary!! I love that quote. :)

  11. Anonymous11:06 PM

    A very happy anniversary to you, dear friend! To someone who helped convince me that I should "try it, you'll like it!" with blogging. My life wouldn't have been the same without you for the last 10 years. Stay warm!

  12. Two years? Oh my, oh my! If it's been two years that I've been reading your blog, just imagine how much time it's been since I've actually seen you! And yes, I believe I was reading it long before I posted a comment.

    I decided I had to go look up when I started my own rather sad excuse for a blog. I will be able to celebrate its second anniversary in 430 days. :)

  13. Happy blogiversary!

    I enjoy reading your blog very much!

    Here's to more successful blogging years!

  14. Happy 2 year anniversary! Yours was one of the first I began reading. Thanks!

  15. Congratulations! It's been my pleasure to read your blog!


  16. Les,

    Happy Book Blog Anniversary! Thanks for letting me go "on the journeys" with you, both in your book travels, and in your real life ones. I so look forward to reading your blog every day and hope to do so for many more years to come.

    Linda in VA

  17. Congratulations on two years and great growth. What a positive mark you make with your insight and comments. I feel like I get a truly accurate view of what you read, how you feel, and what is important to you. It has been fun to read and drop into your life when I visit your blog!
    I think I loved the pictures of your granddaughter reading the most. You've passed it onto another!! What a sweet visit and memory.
    Keep reading, writing, sharing and bloggin!

  18. Congratulations! Here's to two more great years! :D

  19. Happy two year blogaversary Les!!! Yours is always the first blog I go to and my favorite on the internet. I have not only traveled vicariously through your blog, but I have also actually traveled in your footsteps, I have drooled over your culinary delights, and of course, my TBR pile - er mountain, has grown to new heights. Long may you blog!!!!!

  20. Happy blog anniversary, Les! I've so enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you. And I particularly love the photos and stories of your travels.

  21. Oh, pick me! Happy Blogversary Lesley!

  22. I'm so late to the party but happy Bloggiversary Les! I can't believe it's been two years. Your blog is always so fun to visit so glad to hear you don't have any intention of giving up blogging :) Here's wishing you many more blog years!

  23. HAPPY BLOGG ANNIVERSARY! Wow Two years. I only found you recently, but I'm so glad I did. I love you blog!

    Have a virtual glass of champaine on me to celebrate. Make it the most expensive, since it is in your imagination! LOL!

  24. I could have sworn I wished you a happy blogiversary. Is blogger eating comments, again? Happy Blog Anniversary and I wish you many more. Bunches of love to you.

  25. Happy Two Years!!! I don't know how many books I've put on my list after reading your reviews. I totally agree with you. You meet the nicest people on the blogospher.

  26. Wow! Has it been 2 years already! How time does fly. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you, sharing in the joys, and sorrows, of life. I love you, dear friend, and look forward to many years more!

  27. I'm a bit late in the day, but belated Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

  28. Happy Anniversary, Les. I'm so glad you belong to the book blogging world. I so enjoy your blog. Of course, you are partially to blame for the large number of books on my TBR list!

    February is my blog anniversary, too. I will be listing a book drawing on the 19th so be sure to stop over and comment.

  29. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Congrats on two years, Lesley. You maintain your blog so beautifully that it is a pleasure to read.


  30. Jackie - How funny that you just discovered my blog and now you're the lucky winner!! Do you have a blog of your own?

    Lynne - Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog.

    Joy - Aw, thanks! Yep, The Winter Rose is a chunkster!! I'm only a couple of hundred pages in and have set it aside to read an ARC that I want to review before it hits the shelves.

    Tricia - Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you've enjoyed my reviews.

    Megan - Thanks! I'm glad you've found your way to my blog. I know I enjoy finding new blogs to peruse. Of course that always means I wind up with far too many books in my TBR piles. Oh, well. :)

    Bellezza - Well, it means a lot to me to have so many wonderful blogger friends and the gift card is a lot easier for me than trying to be creative and crafty like you've done with your awesome challenge prizes!! :) Thanks for being such a great friend. To think if I never started blogging, I wouldn't have met you!! Love ya lots, my kindred spirit.

    Nat - It's been so much fun. I can't begin to imagine life without blogging! Having said that, I wonder where we'll all be in ten years? A different platform of some sort? Who knows!

    Lee - Thanks! I'm glad you've become a regular visitor here. Keep the recommendations coming. I'm sure there's a winner in there somewhere. ;)

    Bybee - That's right. And you're one of the first blogs I started to read, too.

    Eva - Thank you. About that quote. I feel bad that I didn't reference who wrote it, but I jotted it down for this particular post and somehow forgot to make a notation of the author. I can't tell you how much time I spent looking through various book that I thought it came from. Finally gave up and just wrote "author unknown." Anyhow, it just seemed so perfect to use on this post.

    Kay - And I'm SO glad you started blogging! I visited your blog every single day.

    And thank you for your enduring friendship. You've been a dear friend throughout the years.

    Warm, what's that? Oh, ya. Gotta wait for spring (or summer) to feel warm again. ;)

    Janet - Yep, it's been almost 6 years since I left TX (for the second time!). Amazing, isn't it?!

    Marg - Thank you. It's been great fun.

    3M - Aw, thanks. I'm glad you've enjoyed your visits here.

    Teabird - And it's been a pleasure reading yours! :)

    Linda - Thank you. I'm pretty sure I'll be doing this for many, many years to come. Thanks for being such a good friend.

    Inside A Book - Thank you for such kind words. And, yes, I'm quite thrilled that our granddaughter is already learning the joy of reading.

    Maggie - Thanks. At least two more years!!

    Maudeen - Thanks for your wonderful friendship and loyal readership here. You've added to my TBR stacks, too, you know!

    Robin - Thank you. I wasn't sure if I wanted to combine my book blog with the nature/travel/photo essay stuff, but it seems to have worked well. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

    Stephanie - Sorry. Maybe next time you'll be a winner! Thanks for your friendship. You're a sweetheart.

    Iliana - Better late than never, right? Thanks for helping me add to my huge TBR list/stacks. I always get great ideas from your blog.

    TeddyRose - Cheers!! Thanks for stopping by.

    Bookfool - Gotta love Blogger, right? ;) It's been a grand two years and I'm so glad I got the chance to meet you through the blogosphere. Love ya, too!

    Framed - And you're one of them. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

    Heather - Ah, I have such a special place for you in my heart, dear friend. We've both had a lot of sadness in our lives and it's been so helpful to have you to lean on during those tough times. Thank you. And thank you for brightening my day with all those fabulous pictures of those darling kiddos!

    Booksplease - Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog.

    Booklogged - An early congrats to you on your blogiversary! :) Your blog is one I check every day and you have helped add to my toppling stacks, too. Here's to many more years of books & friendship. I treasure yours.

    Gayla - Thank you! I'm so glad you've become a frequent visitor here. You're a wonderful friend.

  31. Love ya back, Les.

  32. I'm the winner? How cool. Yes, I have three blogs. A recipe blog, a quilt blog and a rambling blog. I'm kind of new to this all. I found your blog by looking for info on a book. Your blog came up. I thought it was so good that i bookmarked it. Your site as a wealth of info on it. I have a list of your book recommendations. Thanks for a great book blog!

  33. Jackie - Yep, you're the lucky winner! I'll get the gift card off to you in tomorrow's mail. Thanks for sending the address.

    Oooh, I love cooking blogs (have a recipe blog myself). Care to share the link to yours?

    I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my blog. It's been great fun.

  34. Les,

    I just got onto your recipe blog. I already copied a couple of recipes to try. :)

    My recipe blog is jackorecipes.blogspot.com . I just started it in January and can't wait to get home to go though my "recipe drawer" of favorites to add to the blog. I did the blog mostly for me so I can organize all my recipes and have my family who are scattered all over the country to have access to the recipes.

    Have a great day.


  35. Jackie - Thanks for the link to your food blog. I've only just quickly glanced at a few of the recipes, but I already see several that I want to try! My husband is so good about my cooking. He'll try pretty much anything, so this is great fun for both of us.

    I started my food blog for pretty much the same reason as you. I have so many more I want to add, but I need to make the dish so I can get a picture to include in my post. We're eating lots of things I haven't made in years! :)

  36. Happy anniversary, Les! Thank you for sharing your "place." You are an inspiration to those of us who just dabble out here in the blogosphere.

  37. Marcia - Aw, thank you. I love your blog, too!


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