June 6, 2008

A Month In Review - May ('08)

May is typically not one of my better months for reading, but glancing back at April's list, I did pretty much the same last month. Finished four and gave up on one. I think my days of eight books a month are over, at least as long as I'm working.

Click on the titles to read my reviews.

Summer Blowout by Claire Cook (4/5)

Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman (3.5/5)

The Space Between Before and After by Jean Reynolds Page (DNF)

Stone Creek by Victoria Lustbader (3.5/5)

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton (3.5/5)

Favorite of the month: Summer Blowout by Claire Cook

Books Read 4
Male Authors 1
Female Authors 3
New-To-Me Authors 3
Audio 0
Fiction 4
Nonfiction 0
Historical Fiction 0
Classic 0
Poetry 0
Teen 0
Children's 0
Sci-Fi 0
Fantasy 0
Horror 0
Romance 0
Humor 0
Travel 0
Memoir 0
Culinary 0
Mystery/Thriller 1
Series 0
Re-read 0
Challenge 0
Mine 3
Borrowed 1
Gift 0

Note: Only books completed are counted in the above totals with, of course, the exception of the DNF category.


  1. Looks like you had a pretty solid month overall! I'm right there with you in not reading as much as I used to. I expected to knock the books out like crazy this summer, but between teaching two courses, my commute, and Daisy, my reading has taken a nosedive!

  2. Andi - It certainly wasn't bad a bad month. I'm just so used to reading so much more than I have been, but I'm working a few more hours, so that cuts into my afternoon reading. Plus, we've been busy catching up on Battlestar Gallactica (sp?), so not much time for evening reading either.

  3. I like your monthly summaries, maybe I'll start doing mine again. It's interesting to compare reading patterns as well. Last year I gave up my job and thought I'd read many more books with all that extra free time. Well, it hasn't worked out like that and this year I'm way down on the number of books I've read compared to when I was working! Much of it depends on the length and complexity of the book of course, but I'm spending more time bogging than I used to and seeing my grandchildren and oh lots of other things.

  4. I think four books for a working woman is awesome! I have to go back and count how many I read (I don't keep detailed accounts of each month like you), but I'm sure it's not more than four.

  5. BooksPlease - The monthly summaries come in handy when it's time to tally up my year-end results. Yep, blogging has definitely cut into my reading time, too. I've cut back on some of the blogs I visit, but I still have my favorites/must-reads. However, it's summer and time to enjoy being outside, whether in the garden, on a lake or in the pool. I keep reminding myself that this is not a contest to see who reads the most books in a lifetime! :)

    Bellezza - I was going to say that I only work part-time, but that's not really true when you consider what I do when I get home from work. :)

  6. No lie, we each are working about five jobs!


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