August 6, 2008

Bloggy Break

We're heading to the beach for a few days of fun in the sun with our daughter and granddaughter. Knowing me,
other than on the four flights, I won't get much reading accomplished. I have my current book (Year of Wonders) in my carry-on bag. It's quite good and I will probably be able to finish it before landing in Virginia. I'm also taking The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Same Sweet Girls. I've been meaning to read these two for quite some time now. I want to be able to add them to my "Women's Friendship" endcap at work later next month, but only if they're winners!

See you all later next week!


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Have a nice time. Build a sand castle for me!

  2. What fun! Have a great time and splash around a bit for me (missing the beach right about now). I hope you enjoy Year of Wonders as much as I did. I think it made my top 10 several years ago. Memory is the first to go.

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    We just got back from our beach vacation - it was wonderful. I hope yours is as relaxing and fun-filled as ours was. :)

  4. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Have a wonderful trip. I really liked YEAR OF WONDERS. Lots of discussion in our group about it.

    I loved THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY. What a great book! I'll write a blog entry soon about it.

  5. Hope you have a lovely time. :)

  6. Sounds like a great time! See you when you get back.

  7. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Have a wonderful time. I really enjoyed The Friday Night Knitting Club and am anxious to read your thoughts.

  8. Have a wonderful time!!

  9. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Same Sweet Girls. Have you read anything else by Cassandra King? To me, her first, The Sunday Wife, is the best.

  10. Have a wonderful beach time. You have some great books alone and I hope you get some yummy reading time in!

  11. Have a great time! I agree with Kay -- I loved THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL PIE SOCIETY. Not so much love for The Same Sweet Girls. I have The Friday Night Knitting Club but haven't read it.

  12. Hope you had, have, or are having a wonderful time!!!

  13. Hope you have a lovely time at the beach!

    Year of Wonders was one I read earlier this year and really thought was good. Enjoy all that reading time.

  14. Hope you've been having a great vacation!

  15. Lynne - We did and I did (build a sandcastle for you!).

    Andi - It was fun. I wish we had spent more time at the beach, but all in all it was a good trip. (Well, with the exception of a couple of hours at ChuckeeCheese. Ugh!) Love that warm Atlantic water! Such a difference from the Pacific.

    I finished Year of Wonders on the flight home and while I thought it was pretty good, I didn't love it. I'll probably wind up giving it a strong 4/5.

    Carrie K. - Thanks for stopping by with your comment. I popped over to your Mommy Brain blog and see that you vacationed in one of my favorite locations! My parents live in Depoe Bay, so we've spent a lot of time in Lincoln City, Newport, and Depoe Bay. We actually visited the cheese factory in Tillamook last fall and I have to agree. It really isn't all that great, although the ice cream was yummy. The drive up and back was gorgeous, so that made it all worthwhile.

    Kay - It was a lovely trip. So nice to see the girls!

    I think Year of Wonders will be a great book to discuss. I wanted to love it, but it wasn't quite as great as I anticipated. It certainly wasn't bad. Just not one I felt compelled to hug to my chest and whisper, "Great book!" Maybe coming off of The Guernsey book made it pale in comparison. Boy, now that was a GREAT book! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, too.

    Nat - I did, thank you. Stay tuned for a few pics. :)

    Joy - I'm back!!!!! It was a nice trip, but it's always good to get back home. I'm such a creature of habit and vacations tend to mess with my routine. :)

    Stephanie - I started The Friday Night Knitting Club on my flight home and got sucked right in. I'm looking forward to reading a big chunk tonight after dinner.

    SuziQ - Thanks! It was quite nice. I'm hoping to get a few pics posted in the coming days.

    Jill - I put Same Sweet Girls aside for a bit but will certainly get to it in the next week or so. No, I haven't read anything else by her. I have Sunday Wife in my stacks, so I'll look forward to reading it now that I hear you think it's the best.

    Kim - Not so much reading time, as I was busy entertaining a 6-year-old (and a 24- and 56-year-old!). Such is the life of a mom and wife. :)

    Katya - Isn't The Guernsey book just one of the best books you've read lately??!! I have yet to hear anything negative (and I don't want to!!!) about it. I wonder how many will have this on their TOP TEN list for the year? I'll bet a lot!

    Carl - Thanks! It was quite fun. I think playing in the sand and water at the beach was the best part of the trip. Not so much the barfing 6-year-old (or the whining 6-year-old). Yet another reason why I'm happy with my role as a grandmother (a young one, mind you!) and not a mommy of a small child!!

    LisaMM - I thought Year of Wonders was really good, too. Not great, but quite entertaining and enlightening. Thanks for stopping by!

    Iliana - It was very nice. I was surprised that it wasn't as hot and humid as I anticipated. We've been to Virginia and North Carolina in July and August and it's usually been VERY hot and sticky. This visit was so nice since it was a bit mild. Not chilly, but definitely not humid. Made walking around Colonial Williamsburg a bit more tolerable than previous visits.

  16. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Have a fantastic time!
    I just started Friday Night Knitting Club. So far, so good (although I'm hardly that far into it!)

  17. Kristen - We're back and had a lovely time. I'm hoping to get some pics posted later this coming week.

    I agree. The Friday Night Knitting Club is good. I haven't read much either, though. I'm hoping to settle into later today and read a big chunk. My reading time has really suffered this summer. I'm beginning to look forward to fall and (gasp!) winter.

  18. So very happy to have found your blog! Love the pics of the lake and the wildlife, and the link to the great quilt contest (too late, I know, but still fabulous). And such great reviews — amazing. I wish you worked at my local B&N in the Del Mar Highlands!

  19. Lesley (the other one!) - I'm glad you found it and I'm enjoying yours, as well! Now I'll be able to get my Del Mar fix via your blog. :) I've been in that B&N, although not recently. I was in San Diego back in May, but spent most of my time in Escondido and Grossmont. However, I did get over to Tony's Jacal in Solana Beach a couple of times, though. Have you eaten there? It's a family favorite!


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