August 19, 2008

Summer Days

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Is it really possible that schools are back in session this week? It seems like summer just began. It's been an odd summer as far as the weather goes. August is typically very hot in Nebraska, but near as I can tell, we've only had one day of triple digits the entire summer! It's been in the 80s for the past few days, which really seems odd. I was even a little chilly the other night when we were walking Annie-dog after dinner. Unbelievable!

I hope you all have had some great summer days of doing absolutely nothing! If not, there's still time. Only 33 more days 'til Autumn.


  1. C&H are so quintessentially summer! I can't believe I haven't pulled out my collection and read some of it these past few months. Hmmm....

    It has been an odd summer. We went through a period of ugly upper 90's with triple digit heat indexes, but it was over before it really began and it has been nearly beautiful (true beauty to me is highs in the mid 70s). I have been so amazed. I hope we don't get a late summer heat wave to make up for this pleasantness.

  2. Ugh, don't remind me. School starts for us in less than a week. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  3. Ha, ha.. I love that. Lucky you to have been spared so many of the triple digit days. We are getting lots of rain this week so that's good.

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I think all those triple-digit days just slid right on down I35 to us. We've had a record amount, something like 48 or something. It's been raining today though and people in the library were acting like they would melt if they went out into it! Ha!

  5. The weather's been strange here, too. Not much of a rainy season to speak of, and only a few days of horribly humid weather. Right now, there's a break in the heat and it's almost like fall, except for the cicadas.

  6. Anonymous6:36 AM

    We've also had a mild summer in Southern California with hardly any super hot days. It's been glorious.

  7. Summer? I must have missed it - oh yes we had one or two hot, sunny days (too hot) but mostly it's just been - RAINING here. And it's raining again today!

  8. I love Calvin & Hobbes!
    We've had a couple of slightly cooler days this week, but I really can't wait for fall.

  9. Carl - I agree! And, like you, I should pull out some of our C&H books. We have so many, but it's been years since I've looked at them.

    Today it's a mild 78. So strange to feel chilly in the evenings. Our one and only 100+ day was on 8/3. But as you said, who knows what's in store for September!

    Cami - So have you moved back to Albany? Bet ya had fun in the City! See you next month!

    Iliana - We have been lucky! I think your rain is headed our way. We could use it.

    Kay - Sounds just like Texas! Funny reaction to the rain. ;)

    Bybee - Wonder if this is going to be the trend now? It sounds like the weather's pretty goofy all over.

    Lisamm - Oh, go ahead and rub it in! Thanks! ;) Where abouts in So. Cal. are you?

    BooksPlease - Sorry you've had so much rain. I enjoy it, but only in fits and spurts. Definitely not all summer long! I need sunshine!!

    Nat - I love 'em, too! Glad it's beginning to feel a little bit cooler. Fall will be here before we know, though, right?


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