August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Summer Vacation

Buckroe Beach
Hampton, Virginia

Virginia Beach Aquarium

Williamsburg, Virginia

Shaylyn with her Grandpa


  1. Lovely photos - hope you're having a great time!

    Are those lionfish? I just read an article about those saying how they are destroying natural habitats off the Atlantic coast.

  2. Oh, my that little girl is a doll. Great remembrances of your trip! I'd like to go to Williamsburg someday.

  3. Wow - Shaylyn is growing up!

  4. Great photos! Looks like you did a lot of fun stuff on your holiday. :)

  5. Lesley - We're back and, yes, we had a very nice time.

    I believe they are lionfish and I read the same article. They sure are interesting-looking, aren't they?

    Nan - She's a real sweetheart. :)

    This was our second visit to Williamsburg. I think I enjoyed it more the first time. And, it's not really very interesting for a 6 year old!

    SuziQ - Isn't she?! She's very tall. All legs! And quite a sweet little girl. We'll see her again in another month.

    Nat - Thanks! It was a good trip, although I would've been perfectly happy hanging out at the beach the entire time. The water was so warm!


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