September 3, 2008

Friday Night Treats


  1. But it's not Friday yet!

  2. Brand and flavor of ice cream, please! Will you be surprised to learn I am thinking of posting an ice cream cone picture?

    I'll take the ice cream, and hold the book. :<)

  3. Oh yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!! Double yum!

  4. Lisa - I know, but it's how I spent my evening last Friday. ;)

    Nan - Blue Bunny (brand) Bunny Tracks (flavor). Big chunks of chocolate with a bit of caramel in vanilla ice cream. YUM!!

    You can't surprise me. We're psychic, remember?

    Yeah, I don't think the book is your cuppa. ;)

    Raidergirl3 - Mmmhmmm. ;)

    Heather - You crack me up! Thanks for the chortle. :)

  5. And you're leaning towards Sebastian?! I think that's Max on that cover.

    Okay, enough about those boys, let's get down to something really important - that ice cream. I'm so glad you told us what kind it is. I've added it to the grocery list. I've never thought to eat ice cream while reading. It's usually Orville Reddenb*ker's 95% fat free kettle popcorn for me. Funny how you are so gorgeously trim and I'm just, well, voluptuous! (I don't really know how to spell Orville's last name.)

  6. I say the party is at your place :)

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend already!

  7. Those both look yummy. I think I will have to go get some ice cream as well, even though it is on the cool side outside tonight!

  8. Oh, yeah, those are treats, all right.

  9. Mmmmmm.... yummmm to both of them! :P

  10. Booklogged - You know, I'm not sure who I leaning toward. After reading Rises the Night, I think now I'm more partial to Max.

    I used to be a big popcorn fan (and that Kettle corn is so good!), but I got burned out on it. I try not to buy ice cream too often, as it's quite addictive, but when I do, I always go for the Bunny Tracks. Perfect combination of flavors. And, I'm probably weird, but I never eat ice cream in the winter. I'm already to cold, living here in Nebraska. Why in the world would I want to eat something that would make me even colder?! :)

    Gorgeously trim?? Thank you, thank you!! I need to remember this when my jeans are snug. ;)

    Heather - The cover or the dessert? Or both? ;)

    Iliana - Come on over!

    Danielle - Unlike my husband, I really can't eat ice cream once it gets cold outside. And, dang! It's quite chilly (and damp) today. I can't believe I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt.

    Nancy - :)

    Nat - Y'all are cracking me up!


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