October 12, 2008

Women's Friendship Endcap

This is my current endcap at work. I haven't checked the sale numbers recently, but I think Debbie Macomber's book is doing the best so far.

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Clayton

The Book Club by Mary Morris Monroe

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik

Five Fortunes by Beth Gutcheon

Thursdays at Eight by Debbie Macomber

Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg

The Saving Graces by Patricia Gaffney

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells

The Reading Group: A Novel by Elizabeth Noble

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

The Same Sweet Girls by Cassandra King


  1. Great idea! Your endcaps always look terrific.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    You've got some great ones here that I haven't even thought of for years. THE BOOK CLUB was very good and I loved FIVE FORTUNES and TALK BEFORE SLEEP. Haven't read all of these but I think that I own all the ones I haven't read yet.

    Ya done good, Les!!

  3. Have you read any that you particularly recommend? I've only read Divine Secrets from this collection, but I'd love your opinion on any others. What a wonderful job, to work at a book store. Sigh...again.

  4. You picked a perfect group of books on Women's friendship! I bet many women will be drawn to the display!

  5. I want to work in a book store just so I can create an endcap. Very cool!

  6. Janet6:29 PM

    Another great one is The Myth of You and Me. Take care!

  7. Lesa - Thanks! I have a lot of fun with them. Some have done better than others, but it's still fun to select the books.

    Kay - Thanks! Wasn't Five Fortunes great?! I think you and I have enjoyed the same sort of books in this collection.

    Bellezza - Well, I loved pretty much all of them with the exception of The Wednesday Sisters and The Friday Night Knitting Club. They were good, but I didn't love them. I haven't read The Same Sweet Girls yet.

    Red lady-Bonnie - It was a lot of fun putting the collection together. I hope they're selling well. Need to check my sale numbers!

    Stephanie - It is fun!

    Janet - Oooh, I'll have to add that to my list. Thanks for the rec.

  8. I'm so glad you share pics of your endcaps with us. I always feel like I've stepped into the bookstore when I see them.

  9. Booklogged - Well, if you're ever in Lincoln, stop on by! :)

  10. Great job! You always put together the best endcaps.

  11. I loved Ya-Ya and Friday Night Knitting Club!
    What a cool endcap!.
    And yes. I am back with internet.

  12. The only one of those books I have is The Friday Night Knitting Club (this was a gift) and I haven't actually been tempted to read it. I see that it wasn't one of your favourites! I'll look out for the others.

  13. Man, I want YOUR job! I loved Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and Ya Ya Sisterhood. The one on your list that I REALLY want to read is The Wednesday Sisters...maybe after the first of the year I can buy it--I think there are a gazillion holds on it at my library.

    Great Endcap--can I come shopping? :)

  14. Andi - Thanks! They're a lot of fun. I'm beginning to put together ideas for the next one.

    Pat - Yay! Glad you're back online!

    I loved the Ya-Ya book. Definitely one to re-read.

    Margaret - I didn't care as much for it as some of the others on the endcap, but I did finish it! That says something!

    Kim - I love my job. :) Definitely give The Wednesday Sisters a read. It's a refreshing take on a group of new friends. The "book club" theme is a bit tired, I think.

    And, yes, please come shopping! :)


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