February 9, 2009

A Month in Review - January '09

I had planned to get this posted a few days ago, but I was laid up with a stomach virus and am only just now beginning to feel human again. Thank goodness the stomach flu only lasts 24-48 hours and isn't like a cold, lingering for weeks at a time!

But enough of that. Let's talk books. I began the New Year with a wonderful coming-of-age novel, set in Seattle during World War II. The characters came to life and I still find myself thinking of them. From there my reading took me to Dublin, Ireland, where I quickly became engrossed in a marvelous murder mystery written with an amazing literary quality. I've got the author's second book and am anxious to get to it once my husband finishes! I ended the the month with a collection of short stories by a favorite author; satisfying, to say the least. I look forward to her next release with great anticipation.

Only three books, but they were all very good. February's off to a great start, too! I've finished two winners and hope to have those reviews posted later this week.

Click on the titles to read my reviews.

Hotel on the Corner Between Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

In the Woods by Tana French

The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted by Elizabeth Berg

Favorite of the month: In the Woods by Tana French

Books Read 3
Male Authors 1
Female Authors 2
New-To-Me Authors 2
Epistolary 0
Audio 0
Fiction 3
Nonfiction 0
Historical Fiction 1
Coming-of-Age 1
Classic 0
Poetry 0
Teen 0
Children's 0
Sci-Fi 0
Fantasy 0
Horror 0
Romance 0
Humor 0
Travel 0
Memoir 0
Short Stories 1
Essays 0
Culinary 0
Mystery/Thriller 1
Re-read 0
Mine 2
Borrowed 1

Note: Only books completed are counted in the above totals with, of course, the exception of the DNF category.


  1. Glad you're feeling better - the stomach flu is the worst! I'd say a month with three good books is great...just requested Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet from my library.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a stomach virus - not fun! - but glad you're feeling better. Sounds like February is off to a good start for you.

  3. JoAnn - Thanks, I'm feeling much better now. Had a fun day at work today. Hand-sold a bunch of my favorites of my endcap, plus some other faves. The Book Thief, The Laws of Harmony (review coming up soon!), The Brief History of the Dead, The Girl With No Shadow, Dreamers of the Day, etc. I love days like these when I really connect with the customers. :)

    Nat - No, it wasn't fun at all. But I'm much better now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Rod stays well. Yes, February is off to a great start. Good books and fun at work, too. See my note to JoAnn. I had such a blast today!

  4. Glad you're feeling better and back to work. I'm seeing so many positive reviews for In the Woods. I wish I could stop by your store and have you sell it to me. Maybe not such a good idea - I'd wind up buying all those fabulous sounding books you sold today. I think I only read 3 books in Jan and I'm retired.

  5. Booklogged - I was feeling better, but this bug is still hanging on ever so slightly. I'm looking forward to feeling 100% very soon.

    I wish you could visit "my" store, too! My sister-in-law (yep, she works with me) and I had such a great day on Thursday. We wound up chatting with a very nice customer who was quite receptive to our recommendations. She filled an entire basket with books and walked out a few hundred dollars poorer. Nice to know we're helping others stimulate the economy! But more than the money we helped bring into the store, it was simply one of the best hours I've had at work. I love talking to customers about my favorite reads.


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