March 15, 2009

Coming Soon...

to a garden near you!

This photo was taken on March 28, 2007. Is it really possible that my garden will look like this in two short weeks?! Last night as I walked Annie-dog after dinner, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I smelled steaks on a neighbor's grill. I heard songbirds singing in the trees lining the street to the park. I saw children playing on the swings and slide, coats and gloves and hats all absent in the warmth of the lingering sunlight. And at 7:30 p.m. it was still light out!

And just now, as I sit and read my favorites blogs, a glass of red wine close at hand, Annie-dog stretched out at my feet, snoring up a storm, worn out after her very long walk this afternoon (thanks to another gorgeous day!), I hear the sound of spring -- or maybe summer -- the clanging bell of the ice cream truck and the neighborhood kids yelling, "Stop!! Wait!! We want ice cream!!"

I am so ready for this new season. Winter was far too long this year. My spirits are lifted and I'm ready to dig in the dirt, anxious to get my bike out on the trail, eager to invite good friends over for burgers and margaritas.

We're supposed to hit 75 tomorrow. Life is good.

My dad is looking for a sign of spring. Here you go, Dad. The ice cream's on me.


  1. The ice cream truck already! And to think I was happy with sunshine and 45 degrees! Seriously, I am looking forward to my daffodil and tulip blossoms. I think they will be later than 2 weeks, tho.

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    This winter has been too long. I'm so ready for nice weather. We're having rain again tomorrow, but then it's supposed to get warmer again.

    BTW, I love your front porch!

  3. Fliss from AM3 here...
    Oh I wish I could have flowers like that growing in my yard... alas it is hard here in Florida to grow such things... take care

  4. Thank you!

    A double scoop of Jerry Garcia, please.

    But it's windy and 41 here in Kingston right now.



  5. Anonymous6:22 AM

    75 already? You lucky girl! We've been celebrating the 60 degrees we got this weekend!

  6. Aaaah, this cheers me up somewhat. It snowed here all weekend and some this morning. It has most definitely been a much too long winter.

  7. Oh it has been a long winter in the Northwest, so I'm with your dad in looking for signs of spring! Your photo gives me hope that spring really is coming. It really is!

  8. That sight will be in my yard the first part of May! It's a really, really, really good thing that winter is my favorite season or I wouldn't be so happy. :<) I do feel though that one day ol' Rod will awaken to a note on the pillow that says, 'gone to Cal. - come join me!' :<) (hope I haven't told you that already; I've been thinking it for months now)

  9. I LOVED this post!! Everything that I love about spring and summer perfectly worded here!!

  10. Wow>>>> gorgeous daffodils! Don't you just love these signs of spring? Our are only 2" high right now, but pretty soon they'll be in bloom I'm sure.

  11. Booklogged - I know! I was so surprised to hear the ice cream truck, but it was certainly warm enough. Yesterday was almost downright hot! Quite a bit cooler today (only 42 right now), with rain earlier this morning. This is such a fickle time of year for Mother Nature.

    Lynne - We had some rain this morning, but now the sun's out. The grass is already starting to green up!

    I love my front porch, too. It's one of the little things that sold me on this house. We enjoy sitting outside in our rocking chairs, watching the world go by, especially in the summer evenings.

    Fliss - Hello!! Thank you for stopping by my book blog. Sorry you can't grow bulbs like this in Florida. We lived in San Diego for 20 years and I don't think we had tulips and daffodils there either.

    Dad - You're welcome! :) See my weather update in the comments above. Chilly and rainy here now. :(

    Stephanie - Yeah, well, it didn't last. It was beautiful and warm yesterday and the day before that, but today it's chilly and damp. At least it's not snowing! :)

    Dar - I hope I've seen the last of that white stuff for a long time. I'll put up with the rain, but I really don't want any more snow.

    Robin - I heard it was snowing again in the Northwest. Hopefully it won't be much longer before you get some warmer weather. Hope springs eternal! :)

    Nan - Yes, it really is a good thing you love winter. I don't think I could survive your long New Hampshire winters! Love your comment about my note to Rod. It's tempting! Unfortunately, we probably can't afford to move back there. I sure would love a little bungalow near the beach.

    Staci - Aw, thanks! Your words meant a lot to me.

    Diane - Well, these daffs aren't up yet? They're probably only as high as yours are right now, if that. This photo was taken a couple of years ago. They are quite pretty when they start blooming, though. I can't wait!

  12. I have my fingers crossed that we start to get some flowers soon! We had a lot of snow this year, and I really don't want anymore! I am sick of shoveling!

  13. Kailana - Well, it's the first day of spring and I'm COLD! It's overcast and windy (and below 50), but at least we don't have any snow. I'm sick of messing with it, too!

  14. Daffodils are my favorite spring flower. My husband and i planted over 100 this autumn, but I still doubt my yard will look anything as good as yours. I have faith in you, Lesley, that this picture from 2007 will be duplicated this 2009.

  15. Bellezza - I think they're mine, too. I love tulips, but daffs really make me smile. Wow, planting over 100 bulbs is a lot of digging. I hope they all come up and look gorgeous. The squirrels occasionally dig mine up. :(


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