March 29, 2009

Nature and Poetry

Emerson once said, "Nature & books belong to the eyes that see them." I'd like to amend his words just a bit and say, "Nature and poetry belong to the eyes that see them."

As some of you know, I've been posting a daily photograph on a photoblog site called Aminus3. Just as I discovered with lit-blogging, I've met some wonderful people at Am3. There are some incredibly talented photographers, many of whom have posted such amazingly gorgeous pictures that I am in complete awe of their talent. I have so much to learn!

One particular photographer is also a very talented writer and after reading a recent post, I asked permission to share his photograph and poem. I've never been a big fan of poetry; never quite sure I get the meaning behind the words. This is not the case with Paul's poem. I've read it several times, and each time I'm moved tears. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Mount Shuksan
Photo by Paul Williams


A moment halts in time, so sweetly
Vacant thoughts as beauty greets me
Tears fill eyes so bright, unblinking
A mind so chained and dark, unthinking
A footprint in the journey brief
So touched by love, so plagued by grief
As, short of breath, awakened ears
A soul smiles back amidst the fears
The man portrayed, the child within
A chapter closed, as new begin
Bathe me, cleanse my jaded soul
Entomb me, Beauty, make me whole
Release the shackled life enslaved
From cries at birth to earthy grave

Have I lived and loved on Earth's sweet ground
Salvation sought, and meaning found
Searching for the rainbow bold
The lies fall thick, no pot of gold
A love of life, a life of love
The mortal sins, the poisoned dove
Could Little Earth forgive this foolish man
So weak of flesh for sure I am
With words so bold and dreams as hopes
Reality bites and hope, she chokes
I stand by idle as creatures die
And history, like freedom flies
For I am but a simple man
Who thinks and feels as best he can

Beauty fills these eyes and ears
In silent reverence, hope and fears
engulfed by raw emotion pure
Bewitched and humbled that's for sure
Allow me this, my splendoured time
As hearts and souls rejoice, recline
Shall I breathe once more, an Angel white
Could such beauty sampled more, delight?
Is there a heaven, so too a hell
A heathen life, a tolling bell
For all that matters to me deeply
Is witnessed in this scene so sweetly
No God of choice nor religious worth
I worship only Mother Earth

A moment frozen here in time
The raw emotion, the pleasure mine
Of Mother Nature's soft embrace
Her gentle touch, her untold grace
For moments shared are memories made
A sunrise flickers, a sunset fades
Beauty bathe me, cleanse my soul
Free my mind and make me whole
Guide me to my destiny
Allow my faults, have faith in me
Unworthy standing here before you
Enchanted, captive by such view
I pray that I shall further see
The beauty of your majesty

Written by EYES WIDE SHUT© rights reserved

For a larger image of this gorgeous mountain scene, click here. And be sure to stop by Paul's blog to see more of his beautiful photography and essays.


  1. Wow!! Such a powerful poem and the photo is gorgeous. Like you, I don't read a lot of poetry because I feel that I don't always "get it." But this one is beautifully written and there's no doubt I understand it.

    Thanks for this post and for highlighting Paul!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your friend's gift, Les. The photo is beautiful and, for me, the poem is a thought-provoking one due to the many images and emotions.

  3. Staci - I'm glad you enjoyed Paul's poem. It certainly resonates with me and my love of nature.

    Joy - Thank you. I'm sure Paul will appreciate your kind words.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Now I can say that I've started my Poetry Month celebration the right way, by reading a beautiful poem.

  5. Iliana - Glad you enjoyed it! It's one that really resonates with me and my love of nature.


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