October 24, 2009

Read-A-Thon Update #1

Reading Time: 7 am to 8 am
Book: 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
Pages Read: 43
Snack: Coffee!
Mood: Tired. I don't usually read first thing in the morning. But now I'm alert and ready for my second cup of coffee. This is a good book to start with. Very unique and some-what creepy stories.


  1. Coffee was my morning snack as well! I am going to add this book to my wish list. It looks interesting! Good luck!

  2. Such a great morning here in South Alabama, just the perfect time to grab that cup of coffee and read, read, read!!! So keep up the great reading enjoy!!!
    the Transcendentalists team!

  3. I don't usually read first thing in the morning, either. I've drunk four huge mugs of coffee, and now I'm starting to twitch. But, I'm finishing the first book on my pile, a Japanese mystery, and I must say there's something satisfying about getting so much done in the quiet "dawn". I have Joe Hill's "Heart Shaped Box". Maybe I'll get to parts of it today.

  4. Ashley - If you like Stephen King, you'll love his son's books. Heart Shaped Box is a novel and 20th Century Ghosts is a collection of short stories. Both are fantastic!

    Thanks for visiting my blog during the read-a-thon. Congrats on your reading. 1000+ pages is awesome!!

    ccqdesigns - Thanks for stopping by. It was so nice to have so much encouragement!

    Bellezza - Eeek! 4 cups of coffee would have had me bouncing off the walls. I usually quit after 2 unless I've had a rough night. I had a Diet Mountain Dew earlier this afternoon and in spite of feeling tired, I was very jittery.

    I'm curious to hear what you think of Heart-Shaped Box. The first half really creeped me out!!

  5. I love you pictures of the chair and your drink. I had to comment on this one because my grandfather had a very similar pipe rack and it made me smile.

  6. Lisa - Thanks! I love that leather chair. It's quite comfy. I'll have to tell my husband about your comment about the pipe rack. I have no idea where he got it. He's had it forever!


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