October 9, 2009

Weekend Forecast

Tonight's Forecast:

Breezy. Mostly cloudy. Snow likely and a chance of rain after midnight. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Lows in the upper 20s.


Colder...cloudy. Snow likely in the morning. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Total snow accumulation up to 2 inches. Highs in the upper 30s.


Mostly cloudy. A slight chance of snow in the morning...then a chance of rain and snow in the afternoon.

Urgent - Weather Message
National Weather Service Omaha/Valley NE
413 AM CDT Fri Oct 9 2009

Really?? It's not even mid-October. Guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon after work. Grocery store for soup ingredients. Unhooking the garden hoses. Putting the bird bath and hummingbird feeder in the garage. Storing the outdoor cushions in the garage. Searching for my ice scraper, snow shovel and mittens.

Let's hope we don't have serious tree damage. The leaves haven't fallen yet!


  1. Yikes! That's a way too early start to winter! Here's hoping it's a fluke and doesn't last and you get a few more weeks of fall.

  2. Yeah, parts of Canada have SNOW all ready! And not just a little bit. It's not impossible, but it is not something that happens that often... I imagine we are not too far behind, but so far it has just been rain. We haven't even got all of our crops in yet, so it needs to wait! All the potatoes rotted last year. We can't have that again this year...

  3. Yep. Similar forecast here, with slightly higher temp. and only flurries, so they say. Hopefully we will be able to clean up the yard a bit. It's going to be a long one.

  4. You're getting the snow we had for the last few days. Ours didn't really accumulate more than half in or so, and melted into slush fairly early in the day. It snowed pretty much all day today, but was that little dry stuff that just drifts into cracks. It was REALLY cold though, high of 30 at 8 am, 21 when I left work. Supposed to be a low of 11 tonight.

  5. Well, I'm definitely enjoying fall, but I'm not ready for a freeze!!!

  6. And, down in the fetid underbelly of the nation, we're moaning that it's Octoberforcryingoutloud!! When is going to freaking cool off??? Yesterday: temps up to 90 with a heat index of 102. That is just wrong. Enjoy your snow or pack it in a box and send it in a refrigerated truck. I'll go out and sit in it.

  7. It's crazy how soon winter is coming! Are we just supposed to start hoping for spring already?

  8. I'm never ready for cold temps. We're not as cold as you, though my tomatoes froze even though we covered them. :( If I knew they were going to freeze I would have picked some of the bigger ones and let them ripen inside.

  9. Megan - I thought so, too. We did get snow, but a lot of it melted by late afternoon. It's still quite cold, though. Currently 32. I haven't checked today's forecast. I'm hoping it stays dry!

    Kailana - I heard about the snow in Canada! My folks were up in Alberta (Waterton Lodge) and got lots of snow. It was quite unexpected. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your area is snow-free until all the crops are in. I haven't heard what this snowfall did to our local crops...

    Tara - I'm hoping it warms up later this week so I can get outside and do some clean-up in the yard. I was able to put the hoses, hummingbird feeder, plastic rain gages, and some outdoor furniture cushions away, but there's still work to be done. Oooh, question for you. Do you have any big ceramic outdoor pots? What do you do with them in the winter? I'm able to put the smaller ones in the garage, but the huge ones (filled with potting soil) are too heavy to move. I'm afraid they'll get full of moisture, freeze and crack. Do you cover yours? Move them? Help! :)

    Lisa - We got about half an inch, too. It's cold here, too. 32 and overcast. I wouldn't mind it so much if the sun came out. : Definitely time to winterize!

    Pam - I'm hoping this was just a fluke and we return to fall temps until mid-December. I'm not really into 6-month winters.

    Nancy - I've heard it's pretty warm down your way. I wouldn't mind this early wintery stuff if we had had a nice, long summer. But really, we only hit 100 once or twice this year. Our summer was unseasonably cool and rainy. I think we were only at the pool three times!!

    Allie - We've had snow at Halloween in years past, but never, never, never this early!! I wonder if I ever would've agreed to moving from San Diego if I had known about Nebraska's flakey weather. ;)

    Booklogged - Me either. I suppose 32 will feel pretty nice in the middle of January when we're in the sub-zero temps. Right now, though, it's just bone-numbing COLD!!

  10. We turned our heat on for the first time today. I was 63 degrees in the house, and there was frost on cars when I walked at 8 am the morning...BURRRRRR

    BTW Les, I did listen to the audio book of an Unfinished Life, and through it was great. And, yes, it does kind of remind me of Labor Day.

  11. We've had the heat on and off since the 1st of October. Time to dig out the flannel sheets and down comforter!

  12. That is just plain ugly and too early! Our temps are unseasonably chilly here in Seattle too--due to an early arctic front dropping in from Canada. One of these little fronts is what caused all our weather woes last December and I don't want to see another one any time soon. Our leaves are still changing here and are just beginning to drop. I hope you can stay snuggley and warm and you have no tree damage. (Just this morning my husband ran around an turned on heaters in the house-havn't heard that sound since early May around here!)

  13. Kim - Well, it wound up being very pretty and it didn't last (at least not the snow - the cold temps are still here), so I'm not going to whine too much. Had it been a foot or two, I would've been looking at real estate in Arizona today! :)

  14. I meant to do some yard clean up this wkend but it never happened. Too cold! I don't have any advise about ceramic pots, the only ones I have are the lighweight fake ones! (Easier that way I guess.) It does seem like they would need to be brought in.

  15. Tara - The nice thing about fall clean-up is it doesn't really hurt the yard if it doesn't get done right away. If we can't get to it until spring, it's no big deal. Well, except for those big ceramic planters, which I do intend to empty and move to the garage just as soon as it gets a bit warmer. Here's hoping we both have some nice, sunny days in the coming weeks.


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