January 2, 2010

Baby, It's cold Outside (Elf)

I know Christmas is over, but I love this clip!

Current temp: Negative 4

Today's high: 2
More snow on the way.

I may spend the entire day reading on the couch!


  1. Hey, it's warmer in Lincoln than here. I should have stayed there when I came in yesterday!

  2. That is a great clip. :-) Stay warm, Lesley!

  3. Anonymous11:07 AM

    As usual, I can't even comprehend temps like that. Brrrr! Please stay on the couch and read, wrapped up in a blanket. With hot tea. And warm socks. :-)

  4. We are getting a crap-load of snow today! Fun times!

  5. I love Elf!! It's freezing here too and I've just been reading all day!! Enjoy Water for Elephants-loved it!

  6. High of 2! I guess I won't complain about my 28 degrees. But, hey, technically I'm in the south, so I can complain!

  7. Lisa - It's a bit warmer today. 4 instead of negative 4. More snow, though.

    Literary Feline - I love the song and the movie was pretty good, too. I'm keeping warm. Didn't have to go anywhere yesterday and I plan to stay inside all day today, too. We have a nice cozy house, so it's not too bad.

    Kay - I remember when we first moved here from San Diego and was so surprised when we dipped below zero for the first time. Negative 4 isn't all that bad as long as the wind isn't blowing. I remember when we hit negative 20. Now that's cold!!

    I hope to relax on the couch today. I spent two hours ironing a pile of clothes yesterday (while watching a movie). Once I get the floors vacuumed and a weekly menu planned, I'm heading to the couch!

    Kailana - Remind me where in Canada you live. Have fun with your snow!!

    Staci - It's a fun movie, isn't it? I wanted to read all day, but other things I really needed to take care of (inside!). Today I plan to read, though. I'm really enjoying Water for Elephants.

    Pam - Ah, 28 would feel lovely right about now. I might even go for a walk with my dog without messing with a hat or scarf.

    The south is sounding really nice right now. We're just beginning to toss around ideas for locations to retire to.

  8. Anonymous5:19 PM

    I loved that clip so much I bought the song for my iPod. Like I was twelve or something. ;)

  9. Bellezza - You crack me up! ;) Isn't it a great song, though? Love it!

    Hope you're staying warm!


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