December 18, 2009

Dear Santa...

This is all I want for Christmas. I've sold at least a dozen copies at work this past week. I think I should get one, too, don't you? I promise I'll share recipes on my food blog. No, really. It's still an active blog. Sort of. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness, I want this too! I love her blog and would definitely love her book. Good luck, I hope we both get it!

  2. lol I got a copy at the after-party at BlogHer Food (well, I got a postcard at the after-party and then had to send it in to get the cookbook). I think it's one of the few cookbooks that a. I've already cooked more than one recipe out of and b. will continue to cook more recipes out of it. We bought one for my MIL.

  3. Yes, Santa must bring this to you for sure!! I think we all want one!!

  4. It's on my list too!

  5. Oh, I hope Santa bring this book to you! We tried another recipe from it tonight and loved it too.

  6. Heather - What's so funny is I've been able to handsell it at work without having tried a single recipe. The photos and recipes sell themselves. I just keep pointing it out to customers and they fall in love with it. Of course, I keep finding more and more recipes that look so tempting (and easy). I haven't had much time to peruse her blog, but I did take a look the other day and she's very funny. Hope you get a copy, too!

    Sassymonkey - Lucky you!! I'm glad to know that the recipes are as good as they look.

    Staci - I agree. I've been a very good girl this year. :)

    Pam - I'm surprised you don't already own this! But I'm also surprised you don't have your own cookbook. Your recipes and photos are superb!

    Bermudaonion - Jealous!!! I hope I get a copy, too.


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