December 27, 2009

Then She Found Me

Then She Found Me by Elinor Lipman
1990 Washington Square Press
Finished 12/10/09
Rating: 2/5 (Fair)

Product Description

April Epner teaches high school Latin, wears flannel jumpers, and is used to having her evenings free. Bernice Graverman brandishes designer labels, favors toad-sized earrings, and hosts her own tacky TV talk show: Bernice G! For thirty-six years Bernice has followed the life of the daughter she gave up for adoption. Now she's ready to be a mom. And she's hurtling straight for April's quiet little life....


When I saw the cover art on a new edition of this novel, I noticed it had been made into a movie, starring Bette Midler (Bernice) and Helen Hunt (April), with supporting roles going to Colin Firth and Matthew Broderick. Anxious to read the book before renting the dvd, I went home and found the copy I had picked up several years ago (probably after reading The Inn at Lake Devine). I should've have just rented the movie. The book was mediocre at best. Bernice's character was extremely annoying and the storyline dull and unmemorable. It's been almost a full month since I finished the book and I have only a vague recollection of what it was all about. This is definitely one to either borrow from the library or skip all together. However, I'm a big fan of Hunt and Firth and I still plan to see the film. How bad could it be?


  1. It's too bad that this book wasn't better! I like the cover, though.

  2. I loved Lipman's Inn at Lake Devine, and My Latest Grievance, but this book was disappointing for me as well. Try these 2 if you haven't already!

  3. Oh that's too bad. I have found Lipman to be very hit or miss for me. I know I saw the film but can't remember it. I'm a big fan of Firth too so I think that's all I needed to enjoy it :)

  4. Kailana - I've only read two of Lipman's books and only enjoyed one. Just barely.

    Diane - I read The Inn at Lake Devine years ago and as I recall, it was only just ok. Nothing great. Not sure if I'll give My Latest Grievance a try or not. Too many others calling to me!

    Iliana - Yep. She's pretty much a miss in my book, although I've only read two of her books. I still plan to rent the film!

  5. I've heard it's pretty bad.

    I actually own several Lipman books, having picked them up through library book sales, but I've yet to read them. I think this is the one that sparked my little collection, as I read about it somewhere ...

    This makes me want to try one of her books now and see if I need to bother keeping them!

  6. Lesley - Oh, dear. Well, I suppose I could try it from Netflix and quit if it gets too terrible. I'm pretty sure my husband won't want to watch it at all, so I can try some afternoon when I have a pile of ironing to tackle.

    I wonder how you'll like Lipman's books. The Inn at Lake Devine was ok. Nothing special as I recall. I have a copy of The Ladies' Man in my stacks, but I'm in no hurry to give it a read.

  7. I think I own all three of those! I should try and find a Lipman fan and ask their opinion as to the best one to start reading. That is, if I can find one!

  8. Lesley - I've heard The Ladies' man is very funny. Let me know if you find out any Lipman fans and what they recommend.


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