February 5, 2010

Album du Jour

The Canadian Tenors

I could listen to this album every day. Actually, I pretty much did during the month of January, as it was on our in-store play list at work. Love, love, love it!

Go here to preview all the tracks.

Visit their website here.

Oh, how I wish I had tickets to tonight's concert in Topeka, KS. For my friends in Southern California, they'll be in El Cajon and Rancho Santa Fe in March!


  1. I have to see if my library has this CD....thanks for posting about this!

  2. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I'm always looking for good music, so I can't wait to check this group out. Thanks for the links! By the way, I sent you the book you liked last on my blog. I thought of you immediately when I read it, as you might have guessed. Sorry to ruin the surprise. ;O

  3. Staci - I've really enjoyed listening to the album. Yet another great perk of working at B&N. I get to hear lots of music I might otherwise have missed.

    Bellezza - I have a feeling you'll enjoy this group. They have a remarkable sound.

    Thank you in advance for the book gifting!!!!! You are such a sweetheart. I can not wait to read it!! And I'm just as bad at keeping a surprise as you. ;)


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