February 10, 2010

The Cold

The cold was our pride,
the snow was our beauty.
It fell and fell,
lacing day and night together in a milky haze,
making everything quieter as it fell,
so that winter seemed to partake of religion
in a way no other season did,

Patricia Hampl
A Romantic Education


  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Well, as cold and snowy as it's been for you guys in the Midwest, it seems that the East is winning the race right now? Again, glad I live in Texas. Remind me of that when it hits 105 with high humidity this summer. :-)

  2. When I saw the title, I thought it was the book Tom is now reading - Cold by Bill Streever. Subtitled Adventures in the World's Frozen Places. Might be something Rod would like.

    I love Annie!!

  3. And just when you get it scooped, it snows again! But at least all of the ugly, dirty snow is covered!

  4. S-nowwww beautiful! There's an 80% chance of snow here in Austin tomorrow. Hope, hope, hope.

  5. I wish our snow came in that way..but it's wild and windy outside right now.

  6. Aw! It doesn't get much cuter than dogs playing in the snow. :)

  7. Love your pictures and jealous of your snow! We had our first below freezing temperatures here last night in 41 days!! There has virtually been no winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Blame it on El Nino. And while it has been balmy and dry here now, my memory tells me that El Nino summers for us are usually no good!

  8. Kay - Yes, I really have no reason to complain right now. The East Coast has definitely seen worse weather than Nebraska (although our Christmas blizzard was nothing to sneeze at!).

    I assume you're not getting that snow that Fort Worth and Dallas are getting today, right?

    Nan - Hmmm, I'll have to look at the book and see if Rod's interested. Thanks for the heads-up!

    We love Annie, too. :) And I know she'd love you. She loves everyone.

    Lisa - Isn't that the truth. I don't think I've seen the grass in our front
    yard since late November. What a winter!

    Debbie - It really is pretty. I'm glad we've had a little break. I can't imagine getting as much as the East Coast. Did you get any today? I know it's snowing in Dallas & Ft. Worth.

    Staci - We've had our share of wild and windy, too. I'm looking forward to sunny skies. Maybe this weekend.

    Allie - And, boy, does she love to play in the snow. She especially likes chasing the rabbits and squirrels.

    Kim - Thank you! You guys have really lucked out this winter, although I suppose that depends on who you're talking to. I'd be happy with a winter with above freezing temps the entire time. So, you think you're in for a chilly, rainy summer? Or blazing hot?


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