March 1, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Time flies! It's been exactly one month since my last Mailbox Monday post. The mailman must think it's my birthday month, as he's had quite a few packages to deliver to my doorstep these past few weeks. I don't know about you, but I love getting mail! Let me show you my new goodies...


From Harper Collins (Thanks, Danielle!)
I'm really excited to read this.
It's been compared to one of my all-time favorite books,
The Help. Definitely going on the top of the stack!

From William Morrow (Thanks, Tavia!)
I loved Heart-Shaped Box and I loved 20th Century Ghosts.
I can not wait to dive into Joe Hill's latest!!
Thank goodness daylight savings time is just around the corner.
I might actually be able to read it before the sun goes down. ;)

The lovely Bellezza sent this gem to me.
You can read her review here.
I can't wait to curl up with this one!
Grazie, Bellezza!!

Faithful Place

Viking/Penguin (Thanks, Kate!)
Seriously. Can I call in sick tomorrow?

I would love nothing better than to spend the entire day reading this
Unfortunately, I won't be able to post my review for a few more months. Guess I better behave myself and go to work.

Another lovely little gift from one of my favorite blogmates.
Thanks, Nancy! I'm really excited about reading all of the stories,
particularly "Katina." I seem to be on a WWII kick right now,
so maybe I'll give it a read later this week.

So, how about you? Are you as desperate for a new bookcase as I am?? Seriously. It's time to either buy one with six shelves (just for half of my unread books) or start hauling some off to Half-Price Books. Personally, I prefer the former.

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  1. Ooooh, great bunch of books Les!! Lucky you getting an advance copy of French's latest :) Hope you'll like Keeping the Feast as much as I did!

    Oh, and yes, I need new bookcases. The only problem is I have no place to put them. But, I'm not giving up my books *digs in heels*

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    You've got some great gifts here, Les. I've got Wench on my Kindle to read at some point. I know you are excited about the Tana French book. I give you permission to stay home tomorrow!

  3. Actually, I just need a bigger house to fit my books (and a dump truck to haul more donations away). I have plenty of bookshelves. Maybe the new kitty will help me pare down my book collection. She likes to nip cardboard. Ooooh, bad kitty!

    Let me know when you read "Katina". I think you'll love it, but you're kind of unpredictable. LOL

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    What a haul, Lesley! I think you will need to take a day off to read! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Keeping The Feast. I haven't read a Tana French since my huge disappointment with In The Woods, but maybe I will some day.

    (I think it's sometimes hard posting about books you've been asked to review; I just finished one I pretty much loathed, and wrote the review which will publish in a week or so. I don't want it to be as scathing as I feel, but really, I don't think I can relate to lesbians in their twenties. Doubt if I ever could.)

  5. You got HORNS and I'm so very envious! It's on hold for me at the library, so I can only hope it lands soon (but not TOO soon because I need to read my other holds first). *sigh*

  6. I'm getting a copy of Faithful Place too! YAY!!

  7. Wendy - It is a great bunch of books, isn't it? And I haven't even mentioned the ones I splurged on with my own $$. Maybe in another post.

    I'm really excited about Faithful Place and Keeping the Feast. I made note to check back and re-read your review for the latter once I'm finished.

    I have a short bookcase here in my "office" and would love to get something with more shelves. The only books I'm getting rid of are the ones I know I won't read again or a few that I got somewhere along the line that I know I'll never read. Trust me, that still leaves a lot of "keepers" and unread books. :)

    Kay - I didn't stay home, but I've been getting a fair bit of reading in every day. Just need to make the time for it. The dishes can wait! :)

    Nancy - I wouldn't mind a bigger house (especially one with a larger kitchen), but I wouldn't want to have to clean it.

    Ah, I remember how one of our cats used to chew on my books. I think I have a few art history books with several teeth marks in the spine.

    Me? Unpredictable? ;)

    Bellezza - It was a great haul. Thank you so much for Keeping the Feast. I have a little goody to send off to you. Hopefully before the weekend.

    I can sympathize with the dilemma of posting a negative review. Especially since most authors have Google alerts set up to flag any reviews for their books. Good luck!!

    Andi - Yes! I'm so excited and can't wait to read it. My SIL and boss both read and loved it. Now to fit it in between book club selection and older ARCs that I want to get to.

    Stephanie - Yay!! I hope it's at least as good as The Likeness.

  8. Okay, Les - I am totally blaming you for my book buying binge (check out my most recent post) - it is because of you I bought the Steig Larsson books...and then I lost all control. *laughing*

  9. Wench is one that I really want to read. I hope you enjoy your books.

  10. Just finished Keeping the Feast and really enjoyed it; lovely descriptions that will make you want to actually stop reading and whip up a delicious meal.

    I can't wait to get a hold of Wench; lucky girl!

  11. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Lots of good books this week! Especially Wench and the Tana French book.

  12. Wendy - I hope you enjoy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It takes a while to get interested, but once you get past the initial set-up, it's really quite good.

    BTW, I think we're even. I'm sure I've bought quite a few books that you reviewed on your blog. :)

    Teddy Rose - Me, too! I really need to find more time to read. :)

    Lisa - I picked up Keeping the Feast and read the first paragraph. I have a strong feeling this will be a winner with me!

    Reviewsbylola - I agree. I feel quite lucky to have received such enticing books! Thanks for stopping by.


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