April 13, 2010

Anna Quindlen - Every Last One

Photo courtesy of Flicker user, Angela Radulescu

I was in such a hurry to post my review for Anna Quindlen's new book, Every Last One, I completely forgot to search for other reviews and interviews.

Yesterday, Quindlen spoke with Diane Rehm on NPR. Click here to listen.


  1. I am looking forward to Every Last One. I put it on hold after reading your review. :)

  2. Kailana - It's wonderful! Even knowing how it all plays out, I still plan to read it again sometime down the road. Oooh, or maybe I'll listen to the audio. I've done that a few times for re-reads and it's been very enjoyable. Off to see who the reader is...

  3. Thanks for the review -the book sounds great! I love Quindlen's books and this sounds like one I need to pick up soon!

  4. Booksync - You're welcome. Hope you enjoy it!


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