April 19, 2010

Musical Monday

Kris has a new album due out May 11, 2010!!

Take a listen to the sample tracks. Man, oh man, this is the Kristofferson I grew up on! Listening to Kris' music is like a trip down memory lane; I find myself reminiscing about all the California family gatherings in Woodside, Leucadia, and Fallbrook with my great-grandmother (Kris' grandmother), my grandparents, my great aunts and uncles, and distant cousins.

Favorite sample track: Just the Other Side of Nowhere. That's got to be one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard.

Product Description:

Over 5 years in the making, and with the attention to detail and elaborate packaging the label is known for, LITA 050 is none other than the never-before-released 1968-1972 demos of Texas-born Renaissance man and maverick songwriting pioneer, Kris Kristofferson. With the outlaw Highwayman's full blessing, Light In The Attic is proud and honored to present Kristofferson's honest and upfront formative takes on the tunes that would eventually become part of the great American songbook.

Since penning these numbers (many of which were written during the mid-to-late 60s while working as a janitor for Columbia Records in Nashville), over 500 artists including patron saint Johnny Cash, one-time lover Janis Joplin, and co-actor Bob Dylan (to name but three), have covered Kristofferson's material. While we shouldn't forget his vast commercial accomplishments as an award-winning recording artist and actor, it's these soul-stirring demos that laid the groundwork for his rough and tumble creative journey. Drop the needle and be transported into the intimate candle lit studio session like a fly on the wall.

Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends: The Demos 1968-72 features comprehensive liner notes by Michael Simmons (MOJO, LA Weekly), including interviews with Kristofferson, the musicians, and other related-folks from these landmark sessions. Plus, dig into a handful of testimonials from friends Dennis Hopper and Merle Haggard. Includes full lyrics housed in a massive 60 page full color booklet featuring unseen photos and archival material, plus a gloriously mastered audio soundtrack.

With that 60 page color booklet, this is one to own, not download! Pre-order here.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Les, this one is very good. I could listen to that man sing or even talk for hours. Love his voice. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Just the Other Side of Nowhere --- thanks for pointing out an album I knew nothing about!

  3. Oh Les, I will of course HAVE TO HAVE THIS. Because I am, you do know, his biggest fan. :-). But seriously this will be such a great addition to my collection (I even have an album of a Kris and Rita LP that has their picture imprinted on it. Way cool. Thanks for lettine me know. I am jonesing for a live concert but he hasn't been in our neck of the woods for awhile.

  4. And PS, I NEVER download his music. I have to have it in my hands. There is something more personal to it.

  5. I love the character in Kristofferson's face now but that cover reminds me why I used to have such a crush on him. Love his voice! So you're cousins?

  6. Kay - I, too, love his voice, but I especially love the smoothness in his early albums. Maybe because he sounds more like the Kris I listened to as a child. Glad you enjoyed it!

    Katya - Isn't it a lovely song? Glad you enjoyed it.

    Maudeen - As I was getting ready to post this, I had a feeling you'd be excited about the news. :) I know exactly which album you're referring to of Kris & Rita's. I think it's called Breakaway. They sure had some pretty duets.

    Lisa - He has great eyes. Just like his mom's and my grandmother's. Yes, we're first cousins, once removed. :)


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