June 20, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010 (belated)

I'm still here!

I didn't mean to take a bloggy-break, but as usual, this time of year is pretty busy for me. We were out of town the second weekend in May (hanging out with good friends in Missouri), followed by a lovely visit from my mom and stepdad the day after we returned. The following week we escaped to beautiful San Diego to spend four glorious days with my brother and his family over Memorial Day Weekend. Throw in a several birthday celebrations, a high school graduation party, book club meetings, sleepless nights (thanks to Mother Nature and some pretty intense storms), and many, many hours of gardening and you have a picture of my life for the past month of so. But amazingly enough, I've found time to read! I just haven't had much time for blogging (posting on mine or visiting yours!). I have three reviews to
post write and hope to get to them before another week disappears. My dad and stepmom arrive next week and before I know it, it'll be July and I'll be heading back to California for my 30th high school reunion. And then we'll be off to Virginia Beach to play in the sand & ocean with our granddaughter!

But for now, I'll leave you with some images from our trip to San Diego. Beautiful, beautiful, wish I were there!

:: From Mark & Ana's avocado grove!!

:: More from the Jackson estate!

:: Fruit from Ana's garden. Delicious!

:: Mine, mine, mine! ;) Great beer in Seaport Village.

:: Beautiful view of the San Diego Harbor (and the Coronado Bay Bridge) from the top deck of the U.S.S. Midway.

And now it's time to head to work! Happy Summer!!


  1. I've missed you! I can see what a lot of fun you've been having, though, except for those sleepless nights during the thunderstorms. Do you have to comfort Annie like I do Henry?

    I've not seen pictures of lemons like that since I was last in Italy, and their capers were the size of olives...such gorgeous produce. I've told you before, and I'll say it again, there's nothing on God's green earth that I can grow! I'm much better at eating it.

    I'm looking forward to the reviews of whatever it is your going to post write. And, don't hurry July here, we've got to enjoy each day!

    You look lovey in your photograph, as always.

  2. Ohhhh Les! I miss you. I just can't seem to do full-time work, family, friends, general day-to-day living and blogging all at the same time. It's not that I haven't wanted to be in the blogosphere, but there just aren't enough hours in a day.

    Anyway, I went back to see the last post I commented on (this task has taken a chunk of time) and unless I missed one (didn't check them all), it was March 6 with The Boy in the Striped Pajamas post. :( Oh my goodness!

    Unfortunately, now I have to get outside to walk (already past my usual time) before it becomes too unbearable hot - 89 degrees today. I did, however, want to say "HI!" and that I'll be back hopefully later today to comment, comment and comment! :)

  3. My parents met in San Diego so I've always wanted to visit there. I grew up in the Tidewater area of Virginia, so you'll be visiting my old stomping ground.

  4. Anonymous1:11 PM

    You have been missed here, but I know that you have had a lot going on. And...summer is your fun season. I'm so glad you and Rod are getting to go places and also having your parents come. It's wonderful and the blog will be here whenever. Big hugs to you. I owe you guys an email soon. Take care. :-)

  5. I had an avocado sandwich today - yummy! Love that pic.

    Well, it looks like you've kicked off the summer with a lot of fun. Sounds good to me :)

  6. Sounds like you have been having a great time, Les! Love the photos! When you come back to California, will you be in the South again? Or up north? Would love to meet you if you are anywhere close to us!!

  7. I swear half the people I know are going on vacation in San Diego this year. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? ;-)

    Sounds like a great but busy summer!

  8. Look at me go! Responding to comments the day they were posted. ;) Let's see how many exclamation points and smiley faces I can use, shall we? ;)

    Bellezza - I've missed you, too. Every day I tell myself I'm going to spend the entire afternoon and evening catching up on all my favorite blogs. But somehow that never seems to work out as planned. Honestly, I need to take a week off from work, exercise (oops, already did that - threw my back out the other day!), gardening (see exercise comment), and housework. I won't make any promises, but just know that your blog is in my #1 favorites folder, so I hope to jump over later this evening. That is if I finish my current book (The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee).

    Yes, I have to comfort Annie when there's lightning and thunder. She usually curls up on the floor right next to my side of the bed, but when it's really loud, she'll jump up on the bed and wedge herself up against me. Maybe that's why my back is killing me. I spend most of the night trying not to fall off the bed!

    I don't grow anything edible. I tried strawberries and tomatoes and gave up when the birds kept beating me to the harvest.

    Are we going to go to Italy?!?! I don't like capers (or lives), but I love lemons!!

    Joy - Oh, it's so good to hear from you!!!!!! And I hear you. Gone are the days of sitting in front of the computer, blogging to my heart's content. Maybe I should bag my book selling job and go back to being a nanny. Nah. I couldn't make enough and I wouldn't get all those free ARCs. ;)

    Oh my goodness, is right! Over 3 months since you've posted a comment here?! I guess I can forgive you since I really do understand.

    Good for you to get out an walk. I threw my back out this weekend and I've only gone as far as walking Annie around the block. I miss my 4 mile route, but I know I need to take it easy or I'll really be hurting!

    Thanks so much for popping in and saying hi!

    Kathy - San Diego is such a beautiful city. I lived there for 20 years (1972-1992) and although it's changed tremendously since we left, I still love it. I miss the smell of the ocean, the beautiful gardens (year-round!), all my family who still live there, and the great Mexican and seafood! I can't wait to go back for my reunion next month. My husband is probably worried that I'll never return to Nebraska. ;)

    Ah, the Tidewater area of VA is familiar to me, somewhat. I know the Virginia Beach and Kempsville area pretty well now. When were you there?

    Kay - And I've missed you, too! I try to visit yours and Nan's blog every morning, but sometimes I run out of time to leave a comment. Maybe I should get up at 4 instead of 5? ;)

    Yes, summer is definitely my fun season. Not so much yours, though, eh? ;)

    I owe emails, too. I thought I'd get to them this weekend... at least my house is clean. :)

    Iliana - I love, love, love avocados. I love them in sandwiches, in salads, on a bagel with cream cheese, mashed on a piece of whole wheat toast (with mayo, salt and pepper) and, of course, the ultimate--guacamole. I've always said tacos are simply a vehicle for guacamole. :) And my sister-in-law knows all of this and sent me a box filled with avocados for my birthday one year. Heaven.

    Wendy - It's been a great spring and summer and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Just wish I had more time to blog (and blog-hop).

    Glad you enjoyed the pix. I have tons more. I may wind up posting nothing but photos this summer.

    I'll be in San Diego in mid-July, but we're heading to Sacrament in October for a wedding. Not sure how much free time we'll have, though... It's going to be one of those rushed weekends seeing as much family as possible.

  9. I've missed you, too! Don't you feel totally loved? But, it looks like you've been having a fabulous time (except for the storms) and that's definitely what counts. The blog can wait. Mine has been on hold a bit, too. The good news is that when you show up, everyone comes running back. :)

  10. That is truly the biggest avocado I've ever seen in my life. Delicious! Make some guac and pair it with the beer. Heavenly! Have fun in your travels, Les!

  11. You've really got to move out to the west coast. You are so happy there, whether California or Oregon or Washington. Your heart seems to leap up whenever you are there. And oh, to have such fruits in the garden!

  12. I am so jealous of all you glavanting around!

  13. Those pictures are so awesome. I don't think I've ever seen an avocado that big!!! The beer looks very good. I love trying out different brands. Looks like you had some great trips and spent some awesome time with family!

  14. Sassymonkey - San Diego's a great vacation spot. You should go sometime! I'm really looking forward to returning in a few weeks.

    Yep, my summer gets busier and busier every week. I know it's going to fly and I'm trying not to think about winter (and snow, ice and freezing temps!).

    It's so good to see you here! I need to put my books aside for a week and catch-up on all my favorite blogs.

    Nancy - I do feel the love. :) But I wish I had more time to devote to this blog. I was re-reading a review I wrote two or three years ago and it was so in-depth and well-thought out. I feel like I don't put as much time or effort into my reviews anymore. That darned day job is just such a time suck. ;)

    Andi - Those avocados were huge! And so delicious. Too bad you can't grow them in your new garden.

    Nan - I know, I know. I don't know if it will ever happen, though. Once you leave the West coast, it's tough to return. Too expensive! I'm hoping someone will just ask us to come live with them. ;)

    Pam - It's been fun, so far. I can't wait for our July trips. Lots of fun in the sun & sand!

    Staci - Crazy big, isn't it? And so much better tasting than the ones in the grocery stores. The beer was good. I think there was one that was too bitter, but I managed to drink it. ;) It was a fun-filled trip. My brother and sister-in-law are such great people and very good friends to us.

  15. It looks like you had a wonderful trip and nice weather. That avocado looks so nummy! I could just cut it open and eat it with a spoon.

  16. Teddy Rose - I was a fantastic trip. And I head back again for my 30th high school reunion in a week and a half. Can't wait!!

  17. I hope you have fun at your 30th. I have never been to any of my high school reunions. My 30th is in 2012, maybe I'll go to that one if i'm in town.

  18. Teddy - I've only been to my 10th reunion. It was fun, but I have a feeling this will be more fun. More time has passed and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my old friends. Since I no longer live in Southern California, I've really lost touch with most of my classmates. Plus, I'll take any excuse to spend a few days in San Diego! :)


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