July 18, 2010

Garden Party II

Welcome back! I hope you enjoy your visit. I'm away this weekend, but feel free to wander around the backyard. :)

As always, click on picture for larger view. Click again for a close-up view.

View from driveway gate.

These are pretty much gone.
Rabbit food.

I decided to try planting some lantana in the ground.
So far, so good.

More lantana.
I love the colors!

View of garage from deck.
Ignore the nut grass in front of the bench.

It's gone now, too.
Wish the rabbits would eat it!

This is my favorite corner of the entire backyard!

Geranium sanguineum

Garage and shed covered with the most invasive vine ever.
It's probably all that's keeping the garage from falling down!

Annie's favorite corner of the backyard.
It's always cool and damp next to those hostas.

Not to mention all the bunnies that hide in that bed...

Garden phlox.
Nice to see the rabbits ignored it this year.


  1. Beautiful! I'm just so amazed rabbits come anywhere near where a dog lives.

  2. I love your photos...I want a sidewalk like that with flowers all around!! I have one of those pesky vines that have taken over my snowball bush!!

  3. Pretty! I love vined covered things, even if they are invasive and a pain!

  4. What a lovely yard! I have a perennial lantana in yellow/orange/pink that I love- as do the butterflies. It'll be 10' by the time we get our first freeze.

  5. Nan - I'm amazed, too. And Annie's a mighty hunter!

    Staci - I'm glad you're enjoying them. I was hoping to get another post ready for next Sunday, but things are hectic around here and I won't get a chance. Hopefully, the following weekend. Stay tuned!

    Pam - This vine is some sort of a grape vine. I should probably give up and let it take over the garage and shed. It looks so pretty in the fall.

    Jill - Thank you! It's a work in progress, that's for sure. I'm always getting new ideas and trying out new plants. The lantana has been a huge success. You're lucky it winters-over in your area!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden with us. I can see a lot of care goes into it.

  7. I just love your garden, Les. So pretty! I adore lantana...it's one of my faves. We have three: a pink/white combo, pink/yellow/orange, and a "Dallas Red" that is stunning!

  8. Teddy Rose - I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's looking a little bedraggled this week. The heat has really done a number on some of the plants. I hope to get more pictures up this Sunday. Hope to see you again. :)

    Andi - Aw, aren't you sweet. I've been dragging the hose around since we got back from VA and the poor lawn is looking pretty parched. The lantana, on the other hand, looks awesome! Maybe I should replace all that green grass for drought-tolerant perennials...


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