August 1, 2010

Garden Party III

Welcome back! I can't believe it's already August. I've been traveling more than usual (a trip to San Diego and another to Virginia Beach) and it feels like summer is passing too quickly!

It's been hot and humid and the flower beds are beginning to look a little weary. These photos were taken a few weeks ago, but I hope to go out later this week and gets some current shots. Meanwhile, pour yourself a drink (my new favorite cocktail is a simplified version of Lynchburg Lemonade) and enjoy your stroll.

As always, click on picture for larger view. Click again for a close-up view.

Annie on patrol for rabbits.

Geranium and Lobelia.
One of my favorite flower combinations.

Moss Rose

Stella d'oro


Keeping cool in the shade!

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

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  1. Annie must do a good job keeping the rabbits away - I didn't spot a single one. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    The flowers are lovely. My grandmother used to grow the moss rose.

  3. all of your flowers are gorgeous but I am in love with the moss rose!

  4. I love the back deck!

  5. You've helped identify a plant my friend has- the spirea. I sent her the picture as an attachment and it came up with spirea paprika which I think came off your own picture. I looked at the cocktail but not for me. I really can't drink whisky and don't even like the smell. Tom does but doesn't like it mixed with anything except ginger ale and ice. :<) Oh, and that was very nice of you to offer a link to my writing!

  6. Love the moss rose, Les. I have two pots again this year at my back door. Amazing how every morning there's a new color to admire.

  7. Your oakleaf looks good!

  8. Love the orange the yellow one, love the pink one. (Remember my comment on my botany skills years ago? :)

    I'd love to try the lemonade and sit on the deck with you.

  9. Kathy - They're hiding out there. Trust me!

    The flowers are looking a little hot & tired these days. No more blooms on the geraniums, oak leaf hydrangea or day lilies. The weeds look great, though! ;)

    Kay - Moss Rose loves the heat!

    Staci - Moss Rose is easy peasy. I threw a bunch in a big pot and pretty much forget about it. I used to put it around the birdbath, but the rabbits thought it was an appetizer.

    Christina - So do we! We live out there in the evening. I need to make time on the weekends to spend more time relaxing out there with my books.

    Nan - Spirea is very popular out here. I'd never seen it until we moved to Lincoln. And, yes, it's "Paprika." I love the vibrant pink in the blooms.

    I never used to drink bourbon until I met my hubby. And I don't think he started drinking it until about ten years or so. Hmm, I'll have to try the ginger ale idea. :)

    Always a pleasure to send someone over to your gorgeous blog, my dear friend.

    Marcia - I would love to have pots of moss rose by my back door but it's too shady. However, you've inspired me to put a couple out by the side door. It faces west and gets very hot and sunny. I had two pots of petunias out there and they looked great until a couple of weeks ago. Just like my geraniums, they've called it quits this summer. :(

    Pam - That's one of three blooms! Now they're at that gorgeous pink color. I'll leave the bush alone and see what happens next year. You don't even cut off the old booms, right?

    Bellezza - You crack me up! :)

    Come on over. I'll pour the drinks and we'll chat about life and books. That should take us about a month or so, right?


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