September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Click on image to drool

Best. Breakfast. Ever!

Eggs Benedict with Crab Cakes

Rio City Cafe (Sacramento, CA)


  1. This sure does beat the granola I'm having right now!

  2. Looks wonderful. English muffin with peanut butter for me today LOL

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Nice picture! Great breakfast! Great friends!


  4. Oh, yum! And I'm sitting here at my desk, wiping drool off of my keyboard, having just finished the most delightful (cough) strawberry bar from Trader Joe's. Which needless to say can't compare with your delectable dish!

  5. My husband would love this!!

  6. Not really my thing, but it looks good...

  7. Looks good..something I've never tried before!!

  8. Let's see...I love Eggs Benedict and I love crab cakes, so I am thinking that this must be divine!

  9. Pam - Ah, but the granola is quick and easy. And probably much healthier. ;)

    Diane - Mmmm. I need to buy some English muffins. Used to eat them all the time with peanut butter (or dripping with butter and jam!).

    Sarah - It was great, wasn't it?! We'll have to go back next year, ok? Love you guys!

    Bellezza - Oh, yum is right. It was outstanding! Hmmm, I was just reading the TJ "magazine" and came across their blurb about their Vanilla Almond Granola Bars. Wonder if they're any better than the strawberry bar you had.

    Kathy - If I come up with a good recipe, I'll let you in on it!

    Kailana - The eggs or the crab cakes? Or both? They were good...

    Staci - There's always a first time!

    Kay Guest - It's a perfect combo, in my opinion!


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