October 25, 2011

Loot from Mom!

As some of you are already aware, my mom loves to read as much as I do. I can remember coming home from school and finding her curled up with a book, sometimes a mystery from the library or a novel that her sister or brother (both of whom are also avid readers) had sent when they were finished reading it. For many years, she worked at the library in Lincoln City (Oregon) -- mainly, I think, for the joy of being around all those wonderful books, but also to get first dibs on the books that are donated to the Friends of the Library for resale. ;) She's no longer a volunteer at the library, nor is she active in a face-to-face book club anymore, but she does have a blog in which she shares her thoughts on the books she's read, photos of her travels with my stepdad, and various posts about life on the Oregon Coast.

Mom has always been very generous with her books, sending me boxes of those she's finished with, or packing them up to bring when she and Bill make their annual trek out to Nebraska, as they did a little over a week ago. As promised, here is the list of books she brought for me:

Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

The last two are actually from my stepdad for my husband, but I might give the Larson book a try. I've heard excellent things about it.

So, any recommendations as to which I should read first? I just finished a book by Anne Rivers Siddons, so I may wait a bit before reading Burnt Mountain.


  1. You lucky woman! I would have a hard time choosing which one to read first.

  2. Looks like a good haul! I am pretty much the only reader in my family, so I am always jealous!

  3. It's so nice to have other readers in the family, isn't it? I haven't read any of those books, so I can't make any recommendations.

  4. Hmmm...there are several of these that I need to check out - also several that I own. None that I've read. I do notice a Deborah Crombie book on the list - one of the later ones. Sure you don't want me to send Teri's box? (Not that I'm through at all but, just sayin'...). LOL

  5. I loved the Larson. Was a bit meh on As Always, Julia.

  6. You know I love the Deborah C. books. And Forward From Here might mean more to you in a few years, my young pal. :<) You left me a comment when I posted about this book:


    It remains one of my favorite book reports, and blog entries.

  7. Oh, and I mean to read the Julia/Avis letters this year. I love how your mom read it - slowly, as if she had received a letter that day. I would like to do the same.

  8. Kay G. - Yes, I'm a very lucky woman. I have so many books that my mom has passed on to me. And, yes, it's very hard to choose which one to read first. So, I chose something from one of my shelves that's been sitting there for a few years (The Little Friend by Donna Tartt). I'm sure my mom will understand that I'm waiting for just the right moment to pick something from her stacks.

    Kailana - Well, my parents are avid readers, but not so much my daughter. I hope that someday she'll have a change of heart and will be able to enjoy all the books I've saved, just in case. :)

    Kathy - I pretty much come from a family of readers. I still have a few books that my grandmother passed on to me. I really should read some of those...

    Kay - Oh, ok. If Teri isn't in a rush to get them back, I'll take them. I definitely want to start at the beginning of the series rather than toward the end! Thanks!

    Sassymonkey - I've heard nothing but great things about the Larson book. OK, I may have to read it before my husband. ;) I think I'll read the Julia Child book a little at a time. Maybe a letter a day. Or every other day.

    Nan - I went back and reread your review and my comment. Guess what? Annie gets up on our bed all the time now! With or without us. I guess she finally feels at home with us.

    So, when do you think I should read this gem? I turn 50 in December, but that feels more like entering middle age, so maybe I should set this one aside for another decade or so? ;)

    See my note above to Kay about DC's books. Might be time to dive in!

    I think I'll try to read Julia's letters the same way in which my mom did. Care to join me?

  9. Your mom sounds like my kind of gal!! the loot all looks great!!

    My vote is for As Always, Julia!

  10. Yeah, I'd wait until you are close to, or at sixty.
    I'm not sure you'll like the DC books. I do love them, you know. :<)))

  11. I haven't read any of these, but would probably pick up As Always, Julia first... I loved My Life in France! And even though it is for your husband, I'd also be tempted by In the Garden of Beasts. (The Devil in the White City was great on audio.) It's been years since I read Anne Rivers Siddons - always love her stories. Enjoy the books!!

  12. Nice pile! I used to trade books with my mother, also. I miss that. I haven't read any of those, but I'm very glad Nan mentioned the concept of reading As Always, Julia slowly. I do have a copy of that one and will plan to read it in that way.

  13. Fabulous loot! I still haven't read a Crombie book! I do have In the Garden of Beasts, though, and look forward to it. Happy Reading!

  14. Staci - I may have to just close my eyes and grab one of the books. I'm having a difficult time picking one. Of course, I need to finish the books I've already started first. And I am planning to read the Julia Child book a little at a time. Perhaps beginning on New Year's Day. A year of Julia sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll try one of her recipes each month, too. Hmmm.

    Nan - Oh, dear. I'd have to wait an entire decade before I reach 60! :) Maybe I'll try the first chapter and see what I think. Did you know she has a new children's book coming out this month? It's called Homer, the Library Cat. It comes out on November 8th. Looks pretty cute.

    JoAnn - Everyone seems to agree on the Julia Child book. See my note above to Staci. I also have a copy of My Life in France, so perhaps I can combine the two books with a recipe or two.

    I do think I'll give In the Garden of Beasts a try since it's gotten such great reviews (and I enjoy reading about that time period). I tried The Devil in the White City several years ago, but set it aside and just never got back to it. Maybe I'll try to listen to it on audio since I've already read more than half of the book.

    I just finished Off Season by Siddons and liked it quite well, but not as much as Colony. I don't think any of her books have impressed me as much as that one did!

    Nancy - I can imagine how much you miss trading books with your mom...

    Boy, there are a lot of people who are interested in As Always, Julia. Maybe I should create a challenge--you know, in all my free time. ;)

    Joy - Glancing behind me here in my office/guest room, I see stacks of books that my mom has given me over the past few years. I'm very lucky.

  15. Hooray for your mom! Books and generosity -- I hope that as I get older, that will remain part of my essence as well.

    I've got the Bonhoeffer book. Eager to read it, but a little scared off by the portrait of Bonhoeffer on the cover. His gaze seems to confirm what I already know...that I could never measure up to his ideals and his heroism.

  16. Bybee - I know! Isn't my mom great?!

    I'm not sure if I'll read the Bonhoeffer book. It's huge and not really my area of interest. However, In the Garden of Beasts looks promising. I might get to it if I ever finish 1Q84. That's a huge book, too!


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