October 19, 2011

What Are You Listening To Wednesday

Bellezza has created a new meme. Here's what she has to say:

After the responses to my post on Norah Jones, and dear Les saying, "I love to see what you're listening to!" I thought I'd suggest What Are You Listening To Wednesday.

It doesn't have to be music. It could be conversations you overheard during coffee at Starbucks. It could be the children in your home (or classroom). It could be the things you're telling yourself with a small, still voice inside. It could be an audio book or a movie. Just tell us, what are you listening to?

And so I offer you this:

I could listen to my nephew play for hours.


  1. This seems like a fun meme. I'll have to remember to join in next week.

  2. I could listen to him for hours, too. (Did you know I played piano for 15 years and was a Music major in college? But I was more of a classical person than his wonderful playing.) I have to go put that post up; I totally forgot it was Wednesday! Thanks for playing, thanks for adding this wonderful video!

  3. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Les, when you share Steve's music, it always makes me cry. He is so very, very talented. I, too, could listen and listen. Wish I could play the piano like that. Just beautiful.

  4. He is very talented indeed!

  5. That was lovely to hear! Maybe next time he could play the score from "Amelie" :)

  6. Yeah, me too!


  7. I wonder if you could tell your nephew that I too could listen to him play for hours. He is much, much better than ANYTHING that I hear on the radio these days. I think I saw him play once before on here, when it was your birthday? Anyway, he is so very talented, what a precious gift he has.

  8. Love it! I wish one of my boys or even myself learned to play the piano!

  9. Diane - I'll be interested to see what you're listening to!

    Bellezza - Isn't he wonderful?! I did not know this about you. I think I played the piano for about 15 days. ;) Do you still play?

    Kay - I always get a lump in my throat, too. When he played for me at his house, I about cried. He brings so much emotion in his music. I wish I could play half as good as he does. You know, his brother and sister are also talented musicians, as are his parents. I must've been adopted. ;)

    Kathy - Yep. I hope he can do something big with his talent.

    Ally - I'll try to remember to suggest that.

    Joy - YEP!!!

    Kay G. - I will let him know. Yes, he played for me for my birthday. That song always makes me tear up.

    Staci - I wish I could play, too. His entire family is very musical.


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